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With the Albato solution, managing orders, products and customers is no longer a problem.

The integration of Nuvemshop and Bitrix24 has become very easy.
With this integration, you can receive orders from your customers without any manual work.
Once the connection is established, all your customers, products and orders will be transferred between the two platforms, without the need for manual import.

Store all your customer information in one place and get notified when new orders are placed.
When changes are made on one platform, they are automatically transferred to the other. This way, you will not have to enter the data manually, saving you time and effort.
Take advantage of real-time data synchronization and take your business to the next level.

Features and functions:
Transfer your customer database from Nuvemshop to Bitrix24.
Create a special activity in Bitrix24 when you create a new order in Nuvemshop.
Data in Bitrix24 is updated when the order is updated in Nuvemshop.
Update products in Bitrix24 when you add a new product in Nuvemshop.

Follow this link to learn about Nuvemshop plans.

Version 1
Transfer customers, products and orders with Nuvemshop connector

User support is provided by email at or by online chat in the application interface
You can find detailed instructions on how to install and configure the application at this link: