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Bitrix24 - ['bɪtrɪks] 24 - is an initiative of Bitrix, Inc., a privately-owned company owned and managed by its founders. The Bitrix24 service is the final evolutionary stage of Bitrix Intranet and Extranet solutions (Bitrix, Inc. products) and was launched as a beta cloud-based service in April, 2012. Bitrix takes pride in serving customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small organizations, including well-known enterprises like Xerox, Samsung, Volkswagen, KIA, Gazprom, Vogue and PC Magazine.


Sergey Rizhikov, CEO, Co-Founder
Dmitry Valyanov, President, Co-Founder
Alexey Sidorenko, VP, Business Development Russia, Co-Founder
Vadim Dumbravanu, VP Technology, Co-Founder
Yury Tushinsky, CTO, Co-Founder