Project management

Get your team together, map out a project, define the roles, assign tasks, set the deadlines, and start working towards your goal – all with the Bitrix24 online project management software!

Different ways to work with tasks

Depending on a project, you can always choose how to view and manage tasks in the Bitrix24 project management software: via Kanban board, Gantt chart, or a simple list.


All the project management tools you need

Every project you create features its own chat, calendar, file storage, knowledge base, and a videoconferencing tool.


Access permissions

Set custom access permissions to decide which users can perform certain actions (e.g., assign, view, and edit tasks, view files on the project drive, etc.). Invite external users to collaborate with you on a project inside Bitrix24.


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Different task modes to choose from

Depending on a project, your workgroup members can always choose the most convenient way to work with their tasks – Kanban board, Gantt chart, or a simple list.


Every tool you need, always at hand

A workgroup can feature tasks, drive, chat, feed, calendar, knowledge base, and other tools, depending on your choice.


Roles and access permissions

Set custom access permissions to decide which users can perform certain actions (e.g., assign, view, and edit tasks, view files on the workgroup drive, etc.). Invite external users to join a workgroup inside Bitrix24.


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Kanban board

Kanban board is a simple and effective project management tool, allowing you to distribute tasks across a number of columns/stages with different names and colors.


Gantt chart

Gantt chart is ideal for mapping out complex projects with a lot of related tasks performed in a particular sequence or dependency.


Workload planning and scheduling

With the task tracking tool enabled in Bitrix24, you can see how long it takes for an employee to complete a task. This data can be used for project scheduling and workload planning.


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Four distinctive task roles

In Bitrix24, you can have 4 task roles: the person who assigned the task, the person it was assigned to (assignee), those helping the assignee (participants), and those who need to be in the loop (observers).


Observers in tasks

Adding an observer to a task in Bitrix24 is really convenient in situations when there’s a person who does not actively participate in completing the task but needs to supervise the ongoing activity and maybe step in when necessary.


External users

Need to collaborate with a freelancer or contractor? Add them as external users to your Bitrix24. They will receive an invitation link via email or SMS and join without having to create an account. External users have limited access permissions, which you can customize.


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Different project privacy levels

Projects in Bitrix24 can have three privacy levels: public (anyone can view and join), private (invitation-only access), and hidden (the project is not listen or visible to anyone except its members).


Granular access permissions

Within a project or workgroup, you can set per-user (per-group) access permissions, deciding who can assign tasks, view/edit files, post comments, etc.


Authorization history

Bitrix24 agile project management software gives you the ability to view the list of all users who logged in to their Bitrix24 account, with time, date, and device they used for authorization.



Bitrix24 comes with several dozen integrations available in Bitrix24.Market. You can also create your own apps using our REST API.

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