Office Gone Online

A haven for productive collaboration, Bitrix24 online workspace features chats, video calls and conferences for up 24 participants, cloud storage, calendar, workgroups, reports, business processes, and pretty much anything else you need to get things done.
Bitrix24. Collaboration Unlimited

Free for an unlimited number of users

Unified online workspace for all the company

Single cloud storage for all your documents and files

Easy to set tasks and plan meetings

HD video calls (up to 24 participants)

Chats and HD Video Calls

Transfer all your internal communications into a single messenger where you can chat, exchange files, make video calls, and create private discussions.

HD Video Conferencing

Hold online conferences and meetings, strike deals and agreements, discuss ideas and projects - now in HD quality. Invite your clients and partners to join the conference by simply sending them a link - no registration required.

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Virtual Presence Indicator

Bitrix24 will show you which of your employees are currently online and which have already finished their working day. If you happen to manage a remote team, you will love this feature.

News and updates

Post company news, updates, and announcements in Activity Stream - the easiest way to keep your employees informed and engaged.

Employee Profile

A nice and simple way for a person to present themselves. In addition to the basic information like name, age, position, and phone number, our employee profile also contains all the appreciation badges received by a person.

Measuring Stress Level

Yes, we can do that too. Employing a scientific method used by athletes and astronauts among others, Bitrix24 will measure your stress level and determine if you need some rest.

Getting Your Team Together

Bitrix24 is all about collaboration and works best when used by a team. Invite your team members to Bitrix24 in just one click by sending them an invitation via direct link, email, or text message.

Custom Backgrounds

Add a bit of your personal style to Bitrix24 by customizing the background image or applying your brand colors.


Create, edit, and share your documents using the Bitrix24.Drive - a cloud storage with customizable access permissions and automatic file synchronization.

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Working With Documents

View documents in Bitrix24 without having to download them. Collaborate on a document online using MS Office, Google Docs, Office365, or simply edit it on your computer.


Planning meetings and organizing events is super easy with Bitrix24 Calendar. All the participants will receive timely notifications.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a great time-saving tool allowing you to automate recurring, standard processes like document approval or leave request.

Once you set up all the automation rules, Bitrix24 robots will take it from there creating tasks, sending notifications, and producing the final result faster than any human can do.

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Business Processes

Every organization has routine business processes that can and should be streamlined. With Bitrix24, you can configure a business process and launch it whenever you need to. Saves plenty of time and hassle.


Workgroups are your virtual “departments” in Bitrix24. You can invite both internal and external users to a workgroup to collaborate on a project, assign different roles/positions, and configure their access permissions.

Online Time Clock

Managing your employees is much easier when everyone can start/pause/finish their working day from their phones or laptops using an online time clock built into Bitrix24. You can also manage sick leaves, overtimes, paid time off, and other types of absence.

Work Reports

Collect work reports from your subordinates automatically - no task will ever be closed unnoticed.

Company Structure

Bitrix24 Company Structure page not only visually demonstrates the hierarchy of your company’s offices and departments, but also helps you to configure access permissions.

List of Employees

Sort your employees by name or department to quickly find the person you’re looking for. One click on that person’s profile and you get all the information you may need.

Knowledge Base

A single place for you to store all your corporate knowledge and wisdom, Bitrix24 Knowledge Base can be easily edited and expanded by all your team members.

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Your Office in Your Pocket

Get our free mobile app and collaborate with your team wherever you are - at home, in the office, or on the go.

On-Premise Edition
  • Hosted on your own server
  • Enhanced features and capabilities (compared to the cloud version)
  • Fully customizable (supplied in source code)