Moosend integration
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Moosend integration

Manage customer subscriptions to marketing lists in Moosend

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The integration app is a perfect solution if you are a Moosend user or just looking on options to work with Pro marketing tools in Bitrix24.

Moosend integration is designed to enhance your experience of managing marketing campaigns. With Bitrix24 custom automation rules, you can automate the entire process and save valuable time and effort. It is plain simple.

Imagine having a step-by-step communication process with your potential customers. When you receive a new request and create a lead, you engage with your customers and obtain their consent for further communication to plan marketing campaigns and strategies.

Once you have their consent, you can set up marketing campaigns to keep them informed about the best offers available and ensure their long-term loyalty. However, manual work can be overwhelming, especially when adding new entries with contact details to Moosend lists. It can easily become a full-time job.

With our solution, all you need to do is configure the automation rule once in a suitable stage. That's it! And if any of your customers no longer wish to receive newsletters, you can easily unsubscribe them by dragging a lead or deal to the stage with this tule. It's the time-saving benefit you've always wished for.

Try our integration app today and streamline your marketing campaigns like never before.

If you are considering to integrate Moosend into your Bitrix24, make sure to check the pricing policy of the service.
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