Chargebee ERP
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Chargebee ERP

Automated exchange of customers and invoice statuses in Chargebee

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Chargebee ERP integration provided by Albato makes it easy to manage your customers as well as to take care of subscriptions and invoicing. With the integration, you can save time and energy by avoiding double-entry of customer information and invoicing data which can be synced automatically.

When changes are made in one platform, they are automatically reflected in the other platform. This way, you no longer have to manually enter customer and billing data, saving you time and effort.

Features and functionalities:
  1. Full migration of the customer database from Chargebee ERP to Bitrix24
  2. Updating and adding new customer records in Bitrix24 once the records are registered in Recurly
  3. Status updates on subscriptions in CRM items' timeline. When a new invoice is created or the bill is paid, the data is automatically updated in Bitrix24 (timeline activity with actual invoice status)
  4. Dedicated live chat support via in-built support widget
  5. Further case-based customization, such as filtering incoming data and controlling duplicate entries
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Take advantage of real-time data synchronization and take your business to the next level.
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