Bitrix24 for Sales

CRM with document management in Bitrix24

The Bitrix24 CRM is fully integrated with document management. Documents can be added to CRM entities via their stream, commented on, shared and worked with. Importantly, Bitrix24 does not require MS Office or other suites to be installed locally in order to work with documents.

Free DMS

The fully-featured document management system in Bitrix24 allows you to create, edit and share documents with your co-workers or outside users, such as contactors, freelancers or clients. Access to private and shared files is given in accordance to access rights. Online multiuser editing is supported through integration with Google Docs and MS Office Web Apps.


Version History

Each document stored in a Bitrix24 library has a Change Log. When a new version of the file is uploaded, the previous version is not deleted, but rather saved such that it can be recovered at any time. The Version history also contains the time when the version was created and the user who created it.



There are a number of tools that make working with documents in Bitrix24 easy and convenient. Bitrix24.Drive can be used as a free Dropbox alternative. It synchronizes personal, group and company files between your Bitrix24 and PC in both directions. Bitrix24 accounts come with 5GB of online storage for the free plan and up to 1TB for paid plans.


Files in Mobile App

Files also can be viewed on mobile devices where the Bitrix24 mobile app is installed.