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Work Schedules in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
Work Schedules in Bitrix24


People's work habits and working environments have developed over time. The previous bones have been augmented with new timetables. Furthermore, the sorts of enterprises are evolving. Workers and administrators may be perplexed about how they will operate and how they will organize and control impacts in this respect. Bitrix24 is the most addictive solution for diligence and enterprises to choose, adjust, and implement necessary work schedules. In this article, we'll look at the various classic and new forms of working hours that are accessible. We think that after reading this article, you will be able to choose the most fashionable work schedule for your company.

16 Types Of Work Schedules



Suddenly, this sort of work schedule is popular across a wide spectrum of enterprises and assiduity. Workers will be required to work on particular days and hours from Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Employers may find it straightforward to manage this on a regular basis. Workers can also combine their personal and professional lives with ease.


A consistent work schedule consists of the same hour and days of the week every week. When both the employer and the employee force the hours and days, a fixed work schedule is produced. Monday through Friday, 830 a.m. to 500 p.m., and Thursday through Sunday, 1100 a.m. to 1100 p.m. A clear work schedule has the advantage of being simple to create, allowing employers to handle more exact planning and calculations.


A full-time schedule is one of the most common job patterns in enterprises. Employees, in this case, will be forced to work 40 hours each week. As a result, working Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. may be equal. This type, on the other hand, generally offers extra services such as insurance and vacation time. This work schedule is ideal for basic planning because everything is predefined and simple to manage. Even yet, if all of your workers operate on the same work schedule, it's usual to hear that you won't be able to find someone to work redundancy.


Workers in this order will most likely work fewer hours than those on a full-time work schedule type and may not work every day. Likewise, they will not be entitled to the same benefits as full-time employees. This order, on the other hand, is always designated for specialty establishments such as restaurants and cafes. Due to the enormous amount of workers on this timetable, services should struggle to keep up.


This work schedule is appropriate for enterprises and organizations that operate 24 hours a day, such as hospitals. Employers will be required to record three to four unique shifts for workers during this kind. Two-night shifts, two days off, and two days shifts are examples of a work schedule routine like this.


This type of schedule is nearly unheard-of. In such an approach, product and meeting deadlines are more important than the number of hours worked. Freelancers are not demanded to work at a specific position or at a specific time. They may work at any time and from any position. The most important thing is to finish the task before the deadline. They are constantly compensated for each assignment completed. Employers may discover that hiring freelancers is a salutary option.


This work schedule is delicate to manage for both pots and people. It varies from week to week and defies established morals and employment routines. Workers will struggle with the erratic work schedule since they will be unfit to plan conditioning outside of working hours. Employers will also contemporize and construct new templates regularly as part of this employment work schedule.


Workers on a seasonal work schedule must work full-time or part-time at particular times of the time. This work schedule is common in downfall-dependent businesses analogous to skiing. In general, employing seasonal labor entails interviews and training.


A flexible work schedule is original to a fixed work schedule, but it's much easier to manage. This kind of hand will work a certain number of hours each week. They do, still, have control over when and where they come and go. Workers can also work in the office part-time and from home part-time. Individuals profit from flexible work schedules, but pots find it grueling managing.


An essential work schedule is beneficial in an emergency. Businesses, for example, may be forced to replace one hand due to pregnancy, a medical emergency, or other unforeseeable circumstances. Alternate work schedules are always subject to change. Nonetheless, it has the underlying intention of resulting in a common situation for both firms and employees.


Workers in this group work a certain number of hours every day, but only on particular days. They will, for illustration, work four ten-hour days rather than five eight-hour days. It's excellent for workers since it makes juggling life and works much easier. Employers would drink this option since the hours are set and controlling such a work schedule is simple.


This work pattern is generally associated with shift work. Workers will work the first shift during the first week, the alternate shift during the alternate week, and the third shift during the third week. Workers dislike the rotating work schedule, especially because their working hours aren't fixed. Still, such a work schedule is essential for firemen, bulls, hospitals, and a variety of other jobs.


Under this work schedule, employees may dock their shift hours and return later in the day to finish their shift. It's ideal for use in food preparation, transportation, and other laborious tasks. It will be great for employees who need to rest, raise their children, or participate in a range of other activities. Managing tension and a distinct mood during a hectic day, on the other hand, may be difficult.


An on-call work schedule shows that the hand is available to work whenever the association needs it. The on-call work schedule is constantly rotated among staff.


Simply said, it relates to the type of work schedule that employees will have, which will be full-time all of the time. Both employees and employers profit from overtime compensation. Businesses may ask a variety of employees to stay and work longer hours than normal during huge systems or anything that requires a swift reversal.

No set Schedule

This is one of the most popular types of work schedules among employees. In this scenario, workers are allocated tasks and systems to manage. Nonetheless, the hand is not required to perform specific hours. This work schedule is quite similar to that of a freelancer. The most significant distinction is that there will be no predetermined deadline, and assistance will be requested to report on progress at any moment. This sort of work schedule is beneficial to employees since it encourages them to complete duties more quickly and allows them to take time off regularly. Work schedules for employers are difficult to manage since worker progress is difficult to measure.


Handle All Types Of Work Schedules With Bitrix24

As preliminary stated, the number of business and work schedule orders is growing. This may produce a grueling script for both employers and workers, particularly if they need to choose the easiest work schedule for their jobs or organize their businesses. Bitrix24, we feel, is the most straightforward instrument for diligence and businesses in this area. This platform, further than any other Whentowork app, can help companies in determining the most effective work schedule, organizing their staff, and efficiently managing their establishment. The following are some of Bitrix24's crucial features: 

●      Employers can shoot dispatches to their worker's phones and communicate with them through this network.

●      The platform notifies druggies of any updates.

●      Using this tool, you can manage your budget.

●      Templates for arranging and managing colorful work schedules are available.

●      A perfect platform for connecting workers with companies and allowing them to choose available shifts, jobs, and other options.



We believe that after reading this article, you'll be suitable to choose the most straightforward work schedule for your company. Colorful ideas for perfecting the business can crop as a result of learning about new types of work schedules. You will also learn about the Bitrix24 platform and how it can help you and your company figure out problems briskly, more effectively, and with smaller issues.

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