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The 7 Best Free Online Collaboration Tools In 2024

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Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
The 7 Best Free Online Collaboration Tools In 2024

Finally, you are here to learn more about another free online collaboration tool. If you’re willing to involve every single team member in the productive online business activity, you are responsible for the online project control. 

Yeah, we have a piece of advice here.

Free collaboration apps are made on purpose to help someone or a group of interested individuals manage their work and projects efficiently. These tools are different, and your choice depends both on your needs and experience. 

There are a ton of applications and online services available for free. Yep, they will have restrictions and limitations, but they will be full enough for you as a newbie in the online business.

Free project management software is referred to as "PM tools."

What do we know about project management?

Nowadays, project management has emerged as one of the most important elements for enterprises of all sizes to guarantee their development. Planning, arranging, and overseeing resources to accomplish particular objectives within a predetermined time frame are all essential components of effective project and task management. 

Manual project management is often hard, time-consuming, and error-prone. These problems have given rise to project management software, which offers a plethora of features and functionalities.

Here’s when a collaboration tool comes in handy. With their help you can:

  • Keep your eye on the ball and follow your business project progress;

  • Arrange remote teams regardless of where you team mates live;

  • Have regular video calls and chats with your team mates – share plans and documents;

Use your project management software to promote your business in social media.

1. Bitrix24 — An all-in-one online collaboration tool

Whether you’re just looking for internal instant messaging per user, a cloud-based CRM, or anything in between, Bitrix24 has got it all. It offers diversity, with features for communication, HR, project and task management, as well as document collaboration.

And it’s not about quantity over quality. Take its project management for instance. Rather than a stripped-back basic platform, it has great online visual instruments such as Kanban boards and Gantt charts, so you have pro performance at no cost. 

All of the Bitrix24 features integrate with each other from the outset, so it works as a 360-degree business tool that goes even further than pure working collaboration.

Bitrix24 Pros

  • Smart automation. Online business automation set to help control your team and workflows;

  • Non-restricted communication. Unlimited free users (which is very rare for applications like this);

  • Interaction with clients. Tools destined to arrange quick and efficient communication with clients.;

  • Automatic online management. With Bitrix24's unique "get-things-done" option, you have a possibility to set tasks, get work reports, and manage projects online.

2. Asana — the classic project management tool

Asana has been around for long enough to make its mark now, and is the go-to free for a lot of new startups. The super simple user interface is great for leaders who are starting out with project management tools, but its feature list doesn’t impress too much until you start getting up to the paid versions.

Asana is one of the great tools, but users will still have the issue of having a load of tabs open for all their different needs.

Asana Pros
  • Collaboration – Asana is a digital meeting platform where your team members can work on specific tasks and come together even while sitting in the robe in the bedroom;

  • Powerful scheduling – all your plans will be arranged and carried out right on time;

  • Reporting tools – they will help you understand what’s wrong with your business through tables, graphs and other visualization options;

  • Protection – Asana is a friendly eco-system with user access monitoring, white listing, and fraud detection capability;

  • Built-in communication and coordination through file sharing and video conferencing;

  • Rules-based automation;

  • Real-time reporting and insights through all types of notifications available;

  • Over 100 integrations (including Google drive, Google docs, Microsoft, Office 365, and others)

3. Airtable — an all-in-one tool for the technically minded

Airtable is a hyper-customizable collaboration software that you can twist and turn into literally anything you want. It has become very popular among developers who have turned what looks like a simple spreadsheet into a CRM, a project planner, and an inventory tracker. While it doesn’t have any dedicated communication tools, you can pass notes focused on projects through Airtable.

The main drawback of Airtable is that you have to have quite a technical mind to use it to its full potential. This is why it is a favorite among developers and techies, but for regular project managers, something a little more simple is probably your best bet.

Airtable Pros
  • Premade templates (certainly, the best time-saving option for building a website when you’re a noob);

  • Collaborative tools offering flawless interactions within your team – it’s about shared coordination, messaging real-time, and more;

  • Social media calendar and the project list;

  • Best as social media content and online collaboration software.

4. Slack — the best in class for instant messaging

Slack is one of the most popular online collaboration tools for programmers — and the geeky (but funny) messages you see when it loads show you why. It has made its name by being one of the leading instant messaging services on the web, and it allows users to set up channels based on topic. 

This makes it a great tool for online teams. By focusing the entire chat room on one topic per user, you avoid muddled conversations where important messages can get lost.

Although it doesn’t have too many extra features aside from file sharing, it was one of the pioneers of integrations, so you can link it up to a whole host of other apps.

Slack Pros

  • Unbelievable Transparency. Each of your team members can discuss anything with a co-worker, which builds trust and ensures further development and collaboration.

  • Stable Flexibility. This function is suitable for customer service, corporate communication, or even just staying in touch with your team.

  • Convenient Collaboration. It helps to work together on projects, generate ideas, and talk about the next big event or corporate meeting.

  • Satisfying Security. Safety and encryption protect your personal chats from anyone who might violate and use the information against your will. To secure your account, you can also use two-factor authentication.

  • Seamless Integration. Integration with social networking accounts, project management software, and CRM tools is available.

  • Immediate Automation. Schedule regular meetings and assignments or write orders for the bot if you don’t have enough time to deal with the schedule on your own.

5. nTask — feature-packed product

nTask makes your time tracking, and budgeting a piece of cake. The billing and invoicing tool is especially adaptable for all kinds of businesses, whether you charge per hour, job, or materials.

You have a wealth of settings per user, such as subtasks, deadlines, and dependencies. With time tracking, you record time spent on tasks and use that to plan your future projects. Within each task, all your subscribers will get notifications for comments and updates, and you can also share documents.

nTask is so close to being one of the best all-round free choices, but it does require you to get Zoom involved if you need to do any video calls.

nTask Pros

  • Interface. The app offers a professional interface plus 24/7 customer support;

  • Tracking. nTask has innumerable options for setting up and tracking tasks;

  • Simplicity. Simple to use for the newbies;

  • Communication. Video conferencing and other audio and video calls options are available.

Unfortunately, some users find this system a bit glitchy. The software is potentially powerful, but there’s a lack of stability because it’s still in a state of development. It’s not the best online collaboration software yet but it’s worth your attention.

6. Zoom — from the office to a household name

No list of online handles for business would be complete without Zoom. The video calling app has become a part of daily life for teams all over the world and it’s here to stay. Zoom’s number one position in the world of video calls is partly due to its reliable connectivity, but also thanks to being incredibly intuitive and free for 40 minutes.

Despite its total market domination, it is relatively tunnel-visioned in its approach, with only video calls and instant chat in its arsenal. Even so, Zoom has easily earned its spot in the 7 best free choices in 2024.

Zoom Pros

  • Conferencing. Hosts very large online conferences even with a free version;

  • Online social interaction. Supports Facebook streaming;

  • Affordability. Subscription-based service (free plan, 40-minute long meetings);

  • Scheduling. Google Calendar support;

  • Simplicity. Suitable for non-tech savvy entrepreneurs.

7. Microsoft Teams — online collaboration from the big hitters

Teams is another communication app that skyrocketed during 2020 and continues to do so into 2024. Like Zoom, it connects your team via video, screen sharing, and chat, but goes one step further with document collaboration. Being able to edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more within the app makes Teams one of the top free plan out there.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is still asking for payment for project management tools, so you are still limited as a manager. But that’s not the end of the world. If you’re already a heavy Microsoft user, Teams is a great addition for remote and even in-house teams.

Microsoft Teams Pros

  • Versatility. All tools in a single place;

  • Low price. No additional cost;

  • Free conferencing. Free up to three users conferencing;

  • No files lost. Seamless files search;

  • Mobility. Teams anywhere with mobile devices;

  • Stable online connection. Real-time messaging with history;

  • Helpful bots. It’s especially cool for anyone who deals with a program like this for the first time.

Choose the team collaboration software that will boost your business

We’re sure that after this analysis of the best online collaboration apps per user out there, you’ve got a clearer idea of what is possible. It is a relief that not everything out there costs a small fortune, and all the apps in this list impress.

That being said, it is difficult to find a free version platform that has all in one. Most apps out there focus on one area, whether it’s video calling or other interaction capabilities, but Bitrix24 really ticks all the boxes even with a free plan.

Whether you’re looking for free online collaboration tools to get a small team off the ground or even if you’re well established, you can’t go wrong with Bitrix24. With so much to explore, you can improve your business as a whole rather than targeting just one area like so many other tools offer.

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What do we know about project management? 1. Bitrix24 — An all-in-one online collaboration tool 2. Asana — the classic project management tool 3. Airtable — an all-in-one tool for the technically minded 4. Slack — the best in class for instant messaging 5. nTask — feature-packed product 6. Zoom — from the office to a household name 7. Microsoft Teams — online collaboration from the big hitters Choose the team collaboration software that will boost your business
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