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Free Opportunity Management Software

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Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
Free Opportunity Management Software
Organize and communicate with your clients and leads with Bitrix24’s free opportunity management software. From populating your database to retaining loyal customers, you can do it all from one diverse yet intuitive tool. Get all your team on the same page with unlimited agents working simultaneously on a cloud-based CRM and start turning those cold leads into hot deals.

What is opportunity management software?

An opportunity management tool helps you obtain and nurture all your contacts in a smart, logical way. As standard, it includes a powerful CRM where you can manage your database and track the progress of every customer's journey with your company.

The best opportunity management software goes even further with extensive communications capabilities and workflows that provide a data-driven framework for your team.

A fully functional CRM for free

As a part of our free opportunity management software, our customer relationship management tool allows you to collect all the data you need on every contact. With a generous database and room for unlimited users and customer records, you can run a tight ship without spending a penny.

CRM opportunity management records every interaction and your team can include notes for future communications. This means that any sales agent can contact any lead fully prepared to offer a professional customer experience. It is seamlessly connected to Bitrix24's customizable quotes and invoicing features, saving you and your team a huge amount of time and effort.

Segment your leads as they pass through the sales journey

The best free opportunity management software allows you to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to your leads. With a small amount of preparation, you can segment your customer base by demographics, interest, or sector, and create a specific sales workflow and email marketing campaign for each group.

And that's not all — you can create custom groups that are unique to your sales process. What's more, you can also separate those who are still in the nurturing stage from those who are at the deal stage.

Communicate with your leads and clients

At every stage, from opportunity to done-deal, communication is key. Use customizable forms on your website to get the details of your contacts and plan your communication strategy. Perhaps it's best to start off with an automated email marketing campaign that slowly nudges your leads towards a deal.

Include links to engaging content on your website and other indicators that help you monitor each lead's interest. Once you've got them close to a sale, let your sales agents do what they do best over the phone or through an instant messenger widget.

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Use customer service to retain your customers

Your job isn't done when you've made a sale. The most successful companies also focus on retaining customers and creating brand loyalty. One great method of creating happy users is to provide a smooth and easy customer service.

With Bitrix24, you can open up channels such as online forms, social media, emails, and phone lines to resolve any issues. Include automations like call forwarding to reduce excess work for your team and focus on what's important. With great customer service integrated into your free opportunity management software, you not only create happy customers, but you get some valuable free marketing through word of mouth.

Analyze and improve your opportunities  

So now you've got your professional opportunity management software up and running, it's time to make those little adjustments to continuously improve your approach. Head to our analytics and reporting section to see where each team member is excelling and address areas for improvement.

Set individual KPIs for each agent and break down their performance by each section of your opportunity management process flow. With detailed analytics and customizable tools, Bitrix24 promotes a Kaizen-style thinking of continuous improvement to give you that edge over your competitors.

Opportunity management process flow

It isn't enough to have software that only helps your customer-facing operations. With Bitrix24, you can also organize your internal processes to create an optimum workflow for your team. Never miss a beat with a structured framework that each sales agent can follow to give all of your customers the best attention possible.

With Bitrix24 project management tools, nothing falls through the cracks, and you can plan like a pro with a range of visualizations like Kanban and Gantt charts for an agile overview of your progress. To make things even easier, you can create automations such as automatically assigning new leads to the right team member, or creating a follow-up task as soon as the previous one is completed.

Everything you need on all your devices

Our free opportunity management software doesn't restrict you to your computer either. You've got the freedom to get away from the desk and look at your tasks on your phone while getting a bit of fresh air. Both the Android and iOS apps are super user-friendly so you can easily switch between devices with all your progress being saved in the cloud.

This versatility also gives your team the option to stay connected if they're traveling for work. With all the same functions and a great user interface, you can do anything you do in the office from the palm of your hand.

One platform for all your business functions

From the CRM and communications tools to project and task management for your workflows, you might think our free opportunity management software couldn't possibly offer anything else.
However, Bitrix24 is even more comprehensive as an all-in-one business platform. You can go even further with HR functions, collaborative documents, and much more all for free.
It's no surprise that over 10,000,000 companies have already started managing their opportunities with Bitrix24. You can take advantage of a wealth of functions without having to switch between apps (and having to remember all those passwords), allowing you to focus on your work and cut out needless admin.

So if you want an opportunity management tool that will enhance every area of your business, sign up for Bitrix24 today!
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