Articles 16 Helpdesk Software Solutions to Build a Long-Lasting Relationship With Your Customers

16 Helpdesk Software Solutions to Build a Long-Lasting Relationship With Your Customers

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Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
16 Helpdesk Software Solutions to Build a Long-Lasting Relationship With Your Customers

Table of Contents

The best helpdesk software solutions

The run-of-the-mill customer support is enough for some consumers to keep them coming back to your company, but having a customer-centric concept of running your business will get you a loyal following, a powerful brand name, and longevity in the industry.

You need a system that will not only help you resolve customer issues and answer their questions. Your business also needs a helpdesk software and ticketing software that keeps track of every single reason that customers come to you in the first place, managing requests and proactively facing complaints. An automated ticketing system will cut resolve times considerably so your support teams can spend more time building rapport with customers and even upselling.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service and engagement platform. Through the use of emails and live chats, customers can submit their inquiries, requests, and issues to be addressed by company staff. This helpdesk software can allow businesses to create tickets from emails, Twitter, and Facebook, which is convenient since most people are on social media anyway. Zendesk also offers agent workspaces that are highly customized, so you can expect your teams to smash those efficiency and productivity goals!

The solution also helps leaders with team management through reports taken from the data stored in the software. Managers can then gauge not only efficiency and productivity but also customer satisfaction, SLA delivery, and monitor backlogs. You can start with a free helpdesk software trial which lasts up to 14 days, and from then on, you will get your pick of the package that’s right for your business needs.

2. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is gaining popularity among business owners of various sizes for being a cloud-based customer service software that helps build businesses of all sizes to provide a seamless customer experience. If you want to empower your customers by putting a self-service option in place, this is one of the best helpdesk ticketing software for you to try. You can create instant support services across several channels, such as emails, instant messaging apps, phone calls, emails, and social media networks.

Freshdesk also allows for automated allocation of tickets so you can be certain all your agents will get enough action on the job. You will have the opportunity to monitor not only your agents’ workloads and backlogs but the overall customer satisfaction and feedback as well, along with other reports you can use to topnotch ensure team performance.

3. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk allows teams to manage customer support requests from multiple channels all in one place. Imagine one customer reaching out through Facebook and another one through email, and a third one through live chat. You can attend to all three in one place with this helpdesk software. Afterwards, you can cut down on customer wait times and keep them happy by meeting their needs faster than they might expect.

Designed for ease of use, Zoho Desk also takes the guesswork out of the daily grind for your teams. The software’s design, terminology, and overall setup are all as straightforward as possible, making it one of the best helpdesk ticketing software for startups and smaller businesses with less-established support teams.

4. Salesforce Service Cloud

Another one of the best helpdesk ticketing software that enables customer support teams to manage customer interactions across multiple channels is Salesforce Service Cloud. Whether they use phone, chat, or email to connect with you, Salesforce Service Cloud allows for quick connections and delivery of resolutions to customer concerns and questions.

Keep customers happy with Salesforce Service Cloud and personalize your customer experience and empower them by building a self-service option for their use. You can also keep your internal customers happy, otherwise known as your employees, by keeping an eye on and reducing their workload and coaching on their performance thanks to automated reports and data analytics.

5. Kayako

Manage customer interactions across multiple channels in one place with Kayako, too. It doesn’t matter if your customers prefer to get in touch with you using live chat, phone calls, or emails. You can have each interaction documented, detailed, and completed in the Kayako interface. You can be sure that nothing falls between the cracks and gets lost, keeping every customer happy in record time.

This helpdesk software also hosts a fully-customizable knowledge base that can be accessed by customers from anywhere at any time. So, you can rest easy knowing your customers have a way of finding answers and workarounds for themselves, even when your team is engaged. You can also pull reports from the software to keep an eye on team performance, morale, and motivation.

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6. Help Scout

Help Scout is a multi-faceted helpdesk software. It’s an email-based customer support platform that also has a robust knowledge base tool and a search/contact widget that can be embedded in a company’s page for added convenience to customers. Users are able to add notes to existing tickets to privately communicate with one another and track and display customer information for better support with the Shared Inbox.

Within Help Scout’s dashboard, one can easily see the number of Assigned and Unassigned tickets as well as chats. You can also add tags to conversations to indicate their priority or sensitivity and keep track of ratings from customers as well as Urgent and Waiting tickets to help with efficiency. Help Scout also furnishes users with detailed reports to help optimize customer satisfaction and team performance.

7. HappyFox

Don’t let the peppy name fool you. HappyFox is a practical, no-nonsense customer support solution. Using HappyFox, any sized business can tame the chaos by keeping customer information, interaction, and communication history all in one place. It offers a powerful ticketing system, live chat, a comprehensive self-service menu, and community forums for customers.

Workflows can also be easily automated to allow for smooth function across all support teams. HappyFox also happens to be an IT helpdesk software, allowing companies to provide IT support straight from Slack and Microsoft Teams, cutting down resolution times. Managers can also run thorough reports and dashboards, affording a complete view of agent and team performance.

8. LiveAgent

Another one of the best free helpdesk software that’s as easy to set up as it is to use is LiveAgent, offered as both a cloud-based software and an on-premise installation. You can connect with customers using any tool they may be more comfortable using, such as emails, live chat, phone calls, and contact forms, as well as social media channels like Viber, Twitter, or Facebook.

The star of the show, so to speak, for LiveAgent is its ticketing system which is published to save businesses 95% of their revenue on support. That and the easy setup, which the company assures users only take mere minutes. If you want to improve and really focus on customer satisfaction and gaining a following of loyal returning consumers, LiveAgent might be worth checking out. Not only is it easy to set up if you do try to check it out. You can also start the free trial without using a credit card and cancel anytime if it does not suit your needs.

9. is the customer support software arm of the e-commerce company Salesforce. With, companies can incorporate customer information as well as their purchase and communication histories with their service tickets, giving agents a holistic view of the customer’s journey. This allows support teams to tailor-fit their resolutions and approaches.

With, managers can also generate real-time reports and view team statistics using large-scale reports that they can use to drive their team to better action. It can also be integrated with Salesforce to create an impactful tool resulting in both happier employees and more satisfied customers.

10. Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is an IT helpdesk software that helps businesses deliver great customer service and resolve issues more quickly. It allows companies to triage concerns and requests and link them with helpful resources and assigned queues for faster resolution. Its innovative Incident Management feature makes it easy to detect issues of the same nature so teams are alerted, and can act on them right away.

Root cause analyses and incident reports are not only the key features. Customers can also submit requests and reports online, while teams have the capacity to not only fast-track solutions but record troubleshooting methods and workarounds, building a wealth of guidance and instruction for future use.

11. Groove

With over 25 integrations, Groove is considered one mighty web-based helpdesk software. Its shared inbox feature looks like any typical email, further improved by plug-ins like team views so you can see who’s working on which, the apps associated with a particular customer’s account, and the customer profile as well. Groove also offers live chat for a more one-on-one approach. If a customer drops out of a chat prematurely, it triggers a feature called “unattended message logic” which generates an email. This guarantees that no customer concern is left unresolved.

If you’re still a small business without 24/7 support teams, you can structure a knowledge base and give your customers the option to hunt for answers by themselves. This can be accessed using any device with a widget that can be embedded on every website page or app, making your company more accessible. This helpdesk software also delivers insightful reports that are surprisingly easy to understand so you can incentivize your team and also gauge customer satisfaction.

12. TeamSupport

Should you be on the market for the best helpdesk ticketing software for B2B, TeamSupport just might be what you’re looking for. This solution understands that the key to making and keeping a customer happy is getting to know them first with its encyclopedic customer database as well as the CSAT and NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys. Apart from its omnichannel support, the crown jewel in TeamSupport’s suite of solutions is its Customer Distress Index (CDI) which affords support staff a view of the unique difficulties that a particular customer is facing, allowing them to adjust their response, and approach and resolution.

Just as TeamSupport’s omnichannel solution is aimed at retaining customers, its B2B-focused analytics software gives businesses the chance to properly measure support and service efficacy and efficiency to help energize teams and inspire them to perform better. Being able to keep both customers and employees happy will help any business reach longevity and establish a faithful following.

13. Spiceworks

If free IT helpdesk software is what you’re after, Spiceworks is the answer. Specially designed for systems administrators and IT professionals, the heart of the cloud-based helpdesk software is the ticketing system feature, where concerns raised by clients from multiple mediums are assigned to customer support staff. Custom ticket attributes, alerts, and ticket rules all do a good job of keeping tickets front and center in terms of team priority.

Spiceworks brings the sizzle into the otherwise boring day-to-day operations by delivering in-depth reports and insight into support agents’ performance, workload, and customer satisfaction rating. Using those, team leaders and managers are able to train agents and lead them to provide outstanding service.

14. SysAid

SysAid is a cloud-based IT service management software that supports managing incidents and requests with clear-cut workflows and flawless automation. If you want to improve your company’s efficiency and improve its customer experience capabilities, SysAid will pave the way with knowledge bases, self-service portals, and seamless email integration.

 It all sounds straightforward, but SysAid offers a few surprises as well, such as HR automation, up training for existing employees – whether they’re rank-and-file or part of the leadership team, as well as asset management. SysAid helps companies look after the well-being of their customers, but on top of it all, SysAid’s insight feature sheds light on what brightens up a support agent’s day and what adds a pep to their step so you’ll end up with happy customers and employees as well.

15. Intercom

Automation, speed, and AI – if these terminologies are at the top of your list, Intercom is the best helpdesk ticketing software that will meet all your needs. Access is readily available to all relevant teams, and everyone involved can also share information, updates, and questions concerning a particular ticket. Its innovative ticketing system that supports conversations from a handful of channels is highly customizable.

All that being said, the piece of pride for Intercom, so to speak, is its chatbots aimed at reducing team workload and maximizing efficiency, like the Resolution Bots that can immediately resolve common issues and questions. Bot deflection helps you sift through customer contacts to get to your team priorities faster. Intercom will also host your knowledge bases, helpful articles, and self-service answers so clients can read up on their concerns and pick up on the resolutions that they require.

16. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is the most complete helpdesk ticketing software in the market. It offers businesses a little bit of everything: omnichannel support, social media integrations, Bots and AI, queueing and routing, and workflow automation, among many more. Bitrix24 operates under the premise that customers are the lifeblood of a business and helps businesses provide immaculate customer support. Apart from being able to communicate with customers through phone, live chat, and emails, setting up knowledge bases is equally possible, as well as extensive FAQs so they can also look for information on their own. With Bitrix24, the data stored in your CRM can be utilized as the foundation of your helpdesk.

By doing this, the resolutions you have prepared are applicable to what customers come to you for. Watch your efficiency skyrocket by automating workflows aside from using chatbots and web forms. At the same time, you can also guarantee you’re your teams are abreast with the times and updated with your current processes and procedures, take advantage of the file sharing and shared drive capacity. Performance-focused reports can be generated that will give you the big picture of your teams’ performance so you can cheer on the achievers and encourage those that may need it.

Finding the best ticketing software for your company

If your vision for your business is longevity and establishing long-term relationships with customers, you should embrace the groundbreaking benefits of a helpdesk software. Revolutionize your approach to issue resolution by being able to do the following:
  • Reduce wait times for customers
  • Provide them with more than one way to contact you
  • Route concerns and questions to the right people
  • Provide 24/7 support even when no one is logged in to work
  • Lighten workloads and stress
  • Get to know the customer with one glance at their history and profiles
Finding the perfect helpdesk software has never been easier. Get your list of needs ready, and don’t be afraid to test things out. Focus on what you want to be able to provide your customers first and what you need to improve on when it comes to supporting their needs and issues. Then, turn your attention to your employees and how you can galvanize them to always give their utmost and provide all customers with nothing but the best care.


What is a helpdesk software?

A helpdesk software is a tool that can be used to manage inquiries from customers, and provide troubleshooting assistance when needed in an organized manner. Customers can also get quick answers to questions, resolve issues by themselves and even learn more about the company through the use of self-service menus.

What is the best free helpdesk software?

The best free helpdesk software is the solution that helps you automate tasks, from your workflow to customer response. It should provide multichannel support, a knowledge base, and other self-service options while driving agent performance by insight/comprehensive reports generation.

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Table of Content
Table of Contents 1. Zendesk 2. Freshdesk 3. Zoho Desk 4. Salesforce Service Cloud 5. Kayako 6. Help Scout 7. HappyFox 8. LiveAgent 9. 10. Jira Service Desk 11. Groove 12. TeamSupport 13. Spiceworks 14. SysAid 15. Intercom 16. Bitrix24 Finding the best ticketing software for your company FAQ What is a helpdesk software? What is the best free helpdesk software?
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