Supervisor Panel

Add new functions and features to your Bitrix24 account. Install the ready apps from the Marketplace.

The app allows the supervisor to monitor and control the operators’ work in real-time mode.

With the Supervisor Panel you can:

  • check the operator’s status (occupied/free), his or her group or queue number;
  • assign or remove an operator to/from the queue;
  • put an operator on hold and back;
  • listen in, join, couch calls;
  • forward the call to another operator via interface;
  • get the call-center stats.

To learn more about how to work with the app, read a thorough guide on our website.


  • Bitrix24: Cloud or Self-Hosted editions with active key license;
  • FreePBX v.13 onwards.

How it works

The app receives users’ and other info — about the queues, ongoing calls, etc. — from Bitrix24 and Asterisk and displays it in a real-time mode.


At the moment, you can purchase the app for 3, 6, and 12 months.

We accept payments made via bank card and bank transfer. Closing documents are available upon request for payments starting from €279.

Period (months)

Price, €






279 (-5%)


529 (-10%)

To buy the app, text us in Chat, and we will contact you right back.

Version 1
App for call-center management

We perform our module support in Open lines chat. You can reach us via:

  1. The chat right in your Bitrix24 (the link opens a chatbox in your Bitrix24).
  2. The chat at our site (the icon in the right bottom corner opens a chatbox). After the start of the dialog enter your email so that you could receive a notification about our reply and the communication history even after you close tab with the chat in your browser.

The first way is the most convenient one: you will always find our reply and the communication history in your Bitrix24 messenger. But for the link to work in a self-hosted version of Bitrix24, you must have all necessary modules installed and the portal must have connection with the outer world. If the first option does not work for one reason or another, please proceed with the second one.

Please note that we do not provide technical support via phone or email.

If you haven't received a prompt response, please wait for us to reply. We work from 9 am till 6 pm  (GMT+3), Mo-Fri.

We care about your feedback and do our best to answer all of your questions. Text us :)

1. Install the application Supervisor Panel in Bitrix24. Give permissions for the app to access the Users and the Data Storage.
  • The app has demo-mode that works without connection to your PBX and lets you get acquainted with the app.

2. Create AMI user, set full rights for reading and recording.

3. In Supervisor Panel's Settings insert:

  • FreePBX address in format;
  • AMI user's login;
  • AMI user's password.
Read the detailed instructions on how to install, configure, and work with the app on our website.

Network configurations

From To Port Protocol FreePBXfrom application settings tab, by default 5038 tcp Browser8081 wss
Browser 443 https


  • Failed connection with AMI — the system fails to establish connection with indicated FreePBX server. Check if the indicated host and port are correct, if the host is accessible and the port is open.
  • Failed AMI authorization — the connection is established but the authorization fails. Check if the login and password are correct. Also, check the rights settings for indicated AMI user.