Asterisk Integration
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Asterisk Integration

Direct integration of Bitrix24 & Asterisk via Bitrix24 REST API

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It's a functional solution for integration of your Bitrix24 and Asterisk.

The solution has two components:

  • application Asterisk Integration (you're at the landing page right now);
  • module for FreePBX (you can find it on the installation page).

A module to exchange data with Bitrix24 via REST API is installed on the FreePBX side. The configuration process is performed in FreePBX interface.

What you gain

With the integration app you obtain a powerful tool to control the sales department and to analyse telephone load, speed and call processing quality.

VoIP Integration scenarios

  • When the incoming call comes in, the module starts looking for the responsible call operator in CRM. If an operator is not responding, the call is redirected either according to the Dialplan or to the operator’s mobile phone;
  • If the telephone number has not been registered in the CRM yet, a new lead is created automatically;
  • The lead/contact profile is displayed to the operator before she/he picks up and gets hidden if the operator is not responding;
  • When the conversation is over, the module creates a new activity in a lead/contact/deal profile with the type, duration and record of the conversation, as well as with the identification of the responsible operator;
  • Click-to-call in lead/contact/deal profile and dialing via Bitrix24 GUI;
  • Callback via Bitrix24 widget.

Special aspects related to FreePBX

  • The solution is a fully-featured module which can be plugged into any part of the dialplan, for example after the greeting or into a specific thread of the voice menu;
  • Queues, Ring groups and FollowMe compliance;
  • If the connection with Bitrix24 is lost, Asterisk keeps working on its own.

Additional perks and bonuses

  • Client can evaluate call quality and operator’s service. The valuation is recorded in CRM;
  • Each number can have a specific lead source (statistical call-tracking);
  • The client’s name is displayed right at the telephone’s screen even if the user has not logged in the CRM;
  • If a call gets missed, a new task is created automatically — all calls are duly registered.

Selling points

  1. High-speed: the integration scheme is optimized so that the call connection is established as fast as possible.
  2. Sustainable: even if the integration is down, the telephony will keep working on its own.
  3. Easy-to-use: you won’t need any additional software or instruments, just a phone (softphone) and Internet access.
  4. Flexible: you can design call routing process as you wish.
  5. Functional: the app is not just a connector but also a whole pack of business instruments for work with telephony and CRM.
The app is free for two Bitrix24 users with telephony extensions. If you want to add more users, the app will cost you €49 per month. At the moment, you can purchase the app for 3, 6, and 12 months.

We accept payments made via bank card and bank transfer. Closing documents are available upon request for payments starting from €279.


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To buy the app, text us in Chat, and we will contact you right back.

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