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PRz Racing Team

PRz Racing Team

Bitrix24 allows us to focus on essential project aspects while maintaining control over work progress.


Before switching to Bitrix24, the team encountered difficulties in coordinating their work. These problems were primarily caused by the lack of a single platform that could track work progress and store documentation in one place for all six technical sections, as well as a hindered flow of information.


In the execution of such a large project as building a race car, maintaining smooth communication among team members, especially leaders, is crucial. The use of different tools and communicators in various sections led to dispersal of information, difficulties in tracking progress, and lack of consistency in project management. The lack of an integrated platform hindered information exchange and effective communication. Task management, assignment of work to individual team members, and task prioritization were inconsistent, resulting in delays or ambiguities.


One of the major advantages of Bitrix24 is the ability to assign roles to individual team members, define the team structure, and restrict editing capabilities based on the assigned positions. This allowed the team leader to have real-time control over the progress in each section, while group members could focus only on the elements relevant to them. Additionally, presenting the entire team in the form of an organizational structure made it easier to search for contacts of specific team members, in case there was a need to communicate with the person responsible for a particular part of the project.

Furthermore, the platform enables the organization of events, which, in the case of the PRz Racing team, facilitated the easier organization of weekly section meetings. Each member of the section received information about the upcoming meeting and indicated their availability, which significantly facilitated work organization.

In each created task, it is possible to add comments and checklists, allowing for real-time monitoring of work progress and making adjustments. The comments also served as feedback, allowing the assessment of the readiness of a particular element and summarizing the difficulties encountered during the work. It is an incredibly important aspect because having access to task summaries in the future will allow for the analysis of issues that arose, solutions developed by team members, and avoiding repeating mistakes in subsequent projects.

Introducing new solutions in such a large team like PRz Racing always involves complications associated with the need to consider multiple aspects of work. However, in collaboration with Togma, this task was significantly facilitated. The team, being in constant contact with the provider of technical support and consulting services for the Bitrix24 platform - Togma, was able to quickly resolve any encountered difficulties. Each user had access to the Q&A section of the platform, where answers to most questions could be easily found. In case of additional doubts or uncertainties, Togma provided the opportunity for individual meetings with team representatives who presented the questions raised by team members and received answers on all relevant topics. Additionally, during the organized meetings, the company representative suggested additional possibilities that were considered beneficial for the team after understanding its structure and way of functioning. Establishing such a close and seamless collaboration greatly facilitated not only the initiation of work on the platform but also ensured continuity and smooth execution of tasks that the team had to accomplish.

The introduction of the Bitrix24 platform to the work of the PRz Racing team brought numerous benefits and resolved difficulties related to task organization. With a centralized platform, the team was able to effectively manage projects, tasks, and communication, which contributed to improved work efficiency and information flow. Task assignment, prioritization, and progress monitoring led to improved organization and increased efficiency. Additional advantages of the Bitrix24 platform included role assignment, team structuring, and event organization, providing team members with the ability to focus on essential project elements and time management.

From the perspective of future work and upcoming projects, the most significant aspect is the feedback from completed tasks, allowing the analysis of problems, solutions, and errors. In conclusion, the Bitrix24 platform allowed focus on essential project aspects while maintaining control over work progress, which is crucial when working on such large projects.

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