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Felicitas Fein

Project head coordinator, MoSAiK

"We are happy to have found a project management tool that considerably simplifies our everyday work."


Our MoSAiK project (modular school practice integration as a starting point for individual competence development) was launched in 2016 at the University of Koblenz-Landau.


We realized that we had to optimize our communication and work processes on two campuses around 200 km away in order to be able to concentrate better on our actual goal - improving teacher training. Up to then, we had been using different tools for different purposes: e-mails for internal and external communication, university's own cloud system, Excel spreadsheets for project documentation, and lots of phone calls to discuss important matters. Our 50 or so colleagues in the project understandably wanted these processes to be streamlined and simplified. That led us to research various project management tools, after which we settled on the Professional plan of Bitrix24.


After a good six months with Bitrix24, we can sum up that the initial skepticism has largely subsided and most employees now consider Bitrix24 to be really helpful. Although the desire to optimize the processes was quite strong, the introduction of such a project management tool meant a major change in the established work processes, which initially seemed too much of a hassle for some. Apart from these things, we have enjoyed our experience with Bitrix24 so far and are happy to have found a project management tool in Bitrix24 that considerably simplifies our everyday work.

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