Supporting the growth of a planning and architectural consulting firm

Ian Firth

Managing Director, Bondstones

"An all-in-one platform that streamlines business processes, enhances team collaboration, and improves client relationship management."


Bondstones is a UK-based firm of Chartered Surveyors & Architects with a core focus on rural and countryside projects. Bondstones delivers innovative architectural design and professional property services, prioritising sustainability and the responsible use of land and buildings. The team at Bondstones collaborates with clients to enhance, improve, and repurpose underutilised property assets.


Bitrix24 has helped us in a lot of ways:
  • Enhanced collaboration. Bitrix24 improves team communication with chat, video conferencing, and file-sharing features, enabling our team to work effectively together;
  • Efficient project management. Bitrix24 provides tools like task assignment, time tracking, and deadline management, helping our project managers to plan and complete projects successfully;
  • Integrated telephony. Bitrix24's built-in telephony streamlines phone-based communications with clients, ensuring professionalism and efficiency;
  • Automation. Bitrix24's automation tools allow us to simplify routine tasks, reducing errors and allowing the team to focus on high-value work;
  • Effective CRM. Bitrix24's CRM features help us manage client relationships, track leads, and nurture connections, resulting in better client retention and company growth.

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