How Bitrix24 replaced SAP for 5,000+ people: the story of Grove Group

Grove Group

Grove Group

"As a large company with over 1,000 employees, we were looking for a software solution that would help us communicate and collaborate efficiently, and Bitrix24 turned out to be exactly what we needed!"


Grove Group is a corporation providing a wide range of services in areas like distribution, retail, supply chain, and logistics. We employ more than 5,000 people.


In August 2021, we contacted an Official Partner of Bitrix24 in Vietnam with the desire to find a solution that would provide us with an effective internal communication interactive environment. Initially, we tested out Bitrix24 on a staff of 250 people (our core team), focusing on the task and project management system, interactive communication environment, and work reporting. 


A month later, satisfied with the initial results, we were ready for full implementation. We upgraded from the Professional plan to the Enterprise plan for 5,000 employees. The reason why we selected the Bitrix24 platform for deployment boils down to these 3 points:
  1. the experience of the consulting team of the Bitrix24 Official Partner in Vietnam;
  2. the detailed, clear implementation plan;
  3. highly professional experts who consulted us throughout the process.

Grove Group and 15 million other businesses around the world have chosen Bitrix24

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