Bitrix24 for Sales

Sales force training tools in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 supports a number of free sales force training tools, such as sales manuals, wikis, videocourses and one-on-one mentoring.

Sales eLearning

The Bitrix24 e-Learning module, available in the self-hosted editions, makes it easy to create online training courses, conduct tests, and certify employees or partners.

The number of training courses or tests is unlimited and SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) file import/export is supported. Audio and video content can be placed inside the course pages and within the test questions from the front-end. In addition to that, built-in videoconferencing can be used for live one-on-one mentoring.


While Bitrix24 supports a number of formal employee onboarding tools, such as a new employee handbook, it is also rich with effective informal orientation and organizational socialization tools that help your new hires quickly acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and know-how necessary to sell effectively.


Enterprise Social Network

The enterprise social network that’s at the heart of Bitrix24 comes with all the familiar attributes of social networking, such as likes, badges, tags and user following; these features help remove barriers that usually make company intranet complicated and uninviting.


Company Pulse

Short videos explain how the tools that come with Bitrix24 work, while the Company Pulse allows administrators to gauge how well employee onboarding is progressing and quickly identify employees who are struggling with specific tools.