Integration between Bitrix24 and Google apps

We understand that a number of Bitrix24 users are already relying on Google apps, so we created several integrations upon your requests. The goal of these integrations are to enhance user functionality for those who use both Bitrix24 and Google services

Two-way synchronization between Bitrix24 and Gmail means that even if you work with emails in Gmail, you’ll have copies of those in Bitrix24 CRM or Webmail. Also, you can send emails directly from inside Bitrix24 using Gmail when this integration is enabled. If you’d like more information about this integration, please see

Google Calendar
Two-way synchronization between Bitrix24 and Google Calendars means all events created in Google Calendar are automatically synched with Bitrix24 calendars and vice-versa. If you’d like more information about this integration, please see

Google Docs
Google Docs can be used inside Bitrix24 for viewing and editing documents online. If you’d like more information about this integration, please see

User data and privacy policy
Bitrix24 maintains transparent privacy policy that clearly states purposes for which user data is necessary. This information is available at and additional information about GDPR compliance for our EU customers is available at
Bitrix24 Terms of Service information is available at

1. Introduction. This Privacy Statement describes how the Personal Data is processed under Bitrix24 Third Party integrations, Third Party links and Non-Bitrix Applications.

2. Definitions

2.1 “Bitrix24,” “we,” “us” “our” means Bitrix Inc and its affiliates;

2.2 “Customer”, “You” means the organization that subscribes to the Services and through whom you, the end user of such Services, are provided access to the Bitrix24 Services;

2.3 “Customer Data” means electronic data and information submitted by or for Customer to the Services;

2.4 “Personal data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person;

2.5 “Services” means products and services that are ordered by our Customers and made available online by Bitrix24 as described in Bitrix24's Terms of Service;

2.6 “Third Party Services” means services that are provided to the Customer by a third party and/or listed on an online directory, catalog or marketplace of applications that interoperate with Bitrix24 Services (“Non-Bitrix Applications”).

3. Google Services Integrations

If you connect your Bitrix24 account to apps or services provided by other parties, such as Google, certain Customer Data may be collected from your device by Google. This data may be collected automatically through the use of application programming interfaces such as the Google API Services or Gmail's API (OAuth), and may include:

  • The contents, metadata and related information of emails, Google calendar events and stored files when you choose to sync your App with Gmail, calendar and cloud storage services (Google Drive);
  • Email addresses of your Inbox and Sent folders, when you choose to sync your Bitrix24 account and Gmail with your device’s address book. Please note, Bitrix24 has no access to your Contacts; and
  • Customer Data that you send from your Bitrix24 account to Google, or data that you request from any of the Google services, automatically or otherwise. Note that, as a security precaution, if you choose to connect your Bitrix24 account to apps or services provided by Google and you request data from any of the Google services, information that identifies you or your device may also be sent in order to authenticate the request. You can revoke access at any time.
App’s use of information received from Gmail APIs will adhere to Google's Limited Use Requirements.

Bitrix24 is not responsible for the data processing practices of any Third Party Providers. We encourage you to review your Third Party Providers’ respective privacy notices before connecting your App.

Additional information about Bitrix24 privacy and data security practices with respect to Customer Data and your Rights is available here.