What is CRM adoption rate?

Let’s say, 1,000 people decided to try CRM software they have never tried before. Some time later, out of those 1,000 people, around 700 stopped using this CRM software - each for their own reasons: outdated interface, unnecessary complexity, manual data entry, etc.
The remaining 300 people stuck with their CRM software, which leaves us with 30% - that is the adoption rate for this particular type of CRM software among this particular audience.
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How to increase the adoption rate?

Naturally, the higher the adoption rate, the better for the software developer. There are several strategies modern CRM software, like Bitrix24, uses in order to achieve near 100% adoption rate.
First, reduction or elimination of manual data entry by automatically connecting CRM to email, web forms, social channels and telephony.
Second, workflow automation that further cuts down on unnecessary manual labor.
Third, modern interface and cross-device approach makes it equally easy to work with CRM on computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Bitrix24 - a CRM system with a nearly 100% adoption rate

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