Team Task Manager

Team Task Manager in Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 comes with online task manager that's 100% free for teams of up to 12 users.

Main Features

  • Task templates and recurring tasks
  • Checklists and priority levels
  • Unlimited subtasks (nested projects)
  • Individual and group tasks
  • Gantt chart
  • Time tracking
  • Daily planner
  • Projects and workgroups
  • Reports
  • Mobile
  • Workflow (business processes)
  • Task reminders and notifications

Task Creation, Access and Roles

Tasks in Bitrix24 can be created manually as well as automatically via repeated tasks or business processes . They have authors, responsible persons, participants and observers, each with a unique role and access rights. Tasks can be created for individual employees, several employees or entire departments and workgroups, who can accept, decline or delegate them. Tasks are accessed via task manager, workgroup, activity stream, calendar or mobile app. External users, who are not part of your team, can be given access to tasks via extranet, if necessary. You can choose to receive email, instant message or push notifications on your mobile when tasks are created, edited, commented on or re-assigned in your profile. Task reminders are turned on by default.

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Files and Documents in Tasks

Bitrix24 comes with fully functional online document management that is available free of charge. You can attach files to tasks, share them, edit documents online simultaneously with others and do much more. Free accounts come with 5GB online storage limit. More disk space can be purchased, if necessary.


Time Tracking, Time Management and Reports

There are several time tracking and reporting tools available in Bitrix24. Employee Workload Planning allows you to estimate how much time should be spent on a task and after its completion, compare that to how much time has actually been spent. Employees may be required to clock in and clock out, if necessary, which serves as basis for the Worktime Summary report. Efficiency report, on the other hand is generated based on the number of completed and overdue tasks. Finally, daily, weekly or monthly work reports ban be generated based on competed tasks.


Communication Tools

Bitrix24 comes with a number of free communication tools for effective group task management, including instant messaging, group chat, video conferencing, web phone calls and private social network. You will find these indispensible, especially if you are managing a distributed team with members in different locations.


While the cloud version of Bitrix24 is free, a self-hosted version that you can host your server and customize is available as well. The self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 starts at $4990, comes with the source code, CMS and API. Please note that it also has additional tools not listed here, such as HelpDesk and Ticketing. Free 30 day demo is available.

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