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The Top 11 Team Communication Tools in 2024

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Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
The Top 11 Team Communication Tools in 2024
Top-quality output, high productivity and seamless collaboration – these are some of the dream ingredients for the success of every team manager and very few things can help anyone achieve these better than effective communication. Loss of communication can not only be costly but also detrimental to your company's reputation, your customers' security, and your team's livelihood. The good thing is that the market is awash with communication tools that you can use to bring your team up to speed with all the latest. However, with the multitude of available tools out on the market right now, how do you choose the right one that will work perfectly for your team? Thankfully, you won't have to go to too much trouble sifting through the many options at hand for team communication tools. 

Choosing the best team communication tool

Finding the tool for your company can be a task that takes up a lot of time. Every team has its characteristics and specific needs but you can use the following criteria to help navigate through the uncertainties:

1. Make sure it’s a closed team space

The distinction between team communication tools and regular Skype lies in the absence of interruptions from friends and relatives which is an occurrence on Skype. While it is possible to invite customers or freelancers to join your team chat the primary focus is on you and your team communicating about tasks and projects.

2. Test video and audio calls

If your team works remotely it's highly probable that video conferences are a part of your work routine. When searching for a team communication tool make sure it offers top-notch audio and video call capabilities. It's important to have the option for high-quality calls whether through built-in features or integration with video conference services, like Skype, Hangouts, or Appear.

3. Powerful team chat

While video and audio calls may be enjoyable it is essential to acknowledge the significance of text communication, within a team. Consequently, it often surprises me to come across Google Hangouts and FaceTime on lists of 'team communication tools.' It is crucial to have the ability to share files, search message history, edit or delete messages forward messages and prioritize conversations. Why limit oneself to either text or video when you can have the best of both worlds?

4. Check out the privacy and security of your team communication tools

It is crucial to ensure that any sensitive information shared within your team remains accessible, within your company. Take precautions to safeguard the security of your data during its transfer from one location to another. Certain tools may allow administrators to access conversations, which might be acceptable for some companies but unacceptable for others. We strongly advise reading the privacy policy and addressing any security concerns, with the application representative before signing up. Additionally consider investing in an AI powered access solution that grants team members and administrators access to data based on requirements they meet.

5. Opt for Speed

At times when an app is packed with features it may run slowly. Waiting indefinitely for a message to arrive can be frustrating. Ideally an instant chat should promptly deliver messages without any delay. Before assuming your chat is sluggish it's advisable to check your internet connection.

6. Go for ease of use

Unlike SaaS tools you'll find yourself using the team communication app. This is because team communication is an occurrence in our lives. Given that we spend a portion of our time at work it makes sense to seek pleasure and joy in our interactions. When choosing a team communication app aim for an experience of irritation. 

7. Choose cloud based team communication tools

If you don't require the software to be installed on your company's computers or server, cloud storage enables you to synchronize team communication, across devices and conveniently access your files and messages from anywhere. Cloud solutions are also easier to start and easier to use.

cloud based team communication tools

1. Highfive

Very few service providers live up to their tagline. However, with Highfive and their tagline - Improving the ease and quality of business communications and collaboration - that's exactly what you get to experience. With Highfive, you can get the team together for a quick powwow in no time at all, wherever they may be. Want to see the bigger picture? You can move your video conference to your TV and share your screen to present slides and reports to colleagues. Currently mobile? Don't sweat it! You can join the discussion from anywhere all over the world thanks to the Highfive mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. Enjoy crystal clear audio powered by Dolby Voice. While on video or audio call, you can also chat with colleagues through the app and share links, documents, and other files.

Best Features:
  • Use leaderboards to see who is leading the charge in giving or receiving high fives, or which business values are being tagged the most in high fives.

  • You can report on and analyze high fives given within your organization.


The Starter pack for $10 per month, advanced pricing is $14 per month and the Premier — $17.

2. Samepage

What's the best way to make sure everyone in your team is on the same page? You might say the answer is cheesy but you need to try Samepage and you'll be raving about it in record time. Samepage is not only one of the top team communication tools to gain more attention in 2021, it also happens to be a project management tool as well as an overall collaboration platform. You can use Samepage on any gadget, whether you're using a Mac or Windows computer or iOS and even an Android mobile device, making it one of the best communication tools for remote teams. You can run or attend meetings, share files, track projects and tasks and connect with customers and external suppliers alike. All of this aside from being able to integrate Samepage with other essential tools and apps.

Best Features:
  • Keeping everybody at their desks with discussions in groups.

  • You ensure the right information based on commodity and fingertip-reachable data.


Small teams or one user can use it for free. But you can also choose advanced features for $7.50 per month or a Pro plan — $9 per month.

3. Front

A lot can get lost in the mix when employees have to use multiple tools to get in touch with teammates, customers, and external contributors. Cut down the turnaround time for resolving customers’ concerns while staying on top of collaborations by using Front. You can plug all of your communication channels and networks into Front so nothing, not even the simplest email reminder, falls between the cracks. Front is presented by an easy-to-use interface that looks like any other inbox. Through there, you can sort, filter, and organize folders by user, message type, or platform and cut down on the resolution time. Front also provides users with comprehensive reports to give teams an insight on what they're doing well, needs improvement, and steps to take to get better.

Best Features:
  • Free unlimited searchable message history.

  • Meant for all kinds of teams — remote and even cross-functional.

  • Useful services on board.

  • Video conferencing support.


There are various pricing options for small teams and big businesses. The Starter plan — $19 per month, the Growth plan — $59 per month and also you can choose Scale and Premier — $99 and $229 accordingly.


      Free. Unlimited. Online   


      Bitrix24 is a place where everyone can communicate, collaborate on tasks and projects, manage clients and do much more.   

4. Flock

It's the primary function of a leader or manager: leading the flock (team) to success. Some might say it's easier said than done but with Flock, it's easy, period. You can streamline your communication channels so you can collaborate with teammates smoothly and more freely. With Flock, one of the best communication tools for teams, you can round up the troops with a quick video or voice call using any device. Flock also allows team members to share files with one another and gives users a simple system for managing projects, so it's not just like any of the other group communication tools. You can sign up to Flock for free for up to 20 users. From there, sign-up rates go up from $4.50 per user per month.

Best Features:
  • As your company expands, synchronizing teams becomes increasingly challenging. It might be more efficient to invest resources in a tool than juggling multiple ones. 

  • Consider using an all-in-one network for team communication.


You can sign up to Flock for free for up to 20 users. From there, sign-up rates go up from $4.50 per user per month.

5. Hibox

Sometimes, you find yourself blocked or demotivated, and you just need someone to trade ideas with until something strikes you and ideas begin falling into place. Connect with teammates easily and with superior quality using Hibox, another one of the project team communication tools that you can try. Whether it's watercooler chatter or important work-related meetings, you can rely on Hibox. You can chat privately with colleagues and keep your conversations organized in streams. Have something big to share? You can use the Public Room to make announcements that will be received by the whole company. Hibox also makes it possible to meet face-to-face without actually being in the same room with HD video conferencing. While in a meeting, users also have the ability to share their screens if needed with just one click.

Best Features:
  • Hibox brings together essential collaboration features in one app platform. It includes chat, task management and live video conferencing, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to collaborate effectively.

  • To get started simply sign up. Invite your contacts to form business teams. You can define user roles based on their responsibilities. 

  • Create streams and group chat rooms for collaborating on specific projects.


You can use Hibox for free. For more features it is priced at $4 and $8 per month.

6. Mattermost

DevOps can be challenging enough without losing the support of your team and colleagues, even in the most minor stages of development projects. One of the best communication tools for remote teams that will help you make sure yours is but a little click away is Mattermost. Using Mattermost, you can utilize one-on-one as well as group messaging, keep conversations organized using customized markers, as well as share files, images, links, and more. You can also have voice meetings and video conferences where you can share your screen as well as chat with colleagues while you're within the call. Make sure you don't miss anything, no matter how crazy busy your day gets by customizing your notifications on any device you're using.

Best Features:
  • You can easily assign tasks to contacts, within a chatroom without having to switch screens. 

  • Additionally, there's a bot assistant powered by AI technology that recognizes actions based on chat patterns. It helps you schedule and delegate tasks in a manner.


You can use Mattermost for free or pay for Advanced access controls and user management $10.

7. Brosix

The next app on the list of the best communication tools for teams is Brosix. Enjoy real-time communication capabilities, teamwork and productivity tools, and reliable security features in one package. Brosix also allows team leaders and managers to oversee how the various apps are used on a daily basis by allowing administration and control access. With Brosix, users can enjoy text chatting and IMs as well as video and audio calling where one person can share files, take screenshots, transfer files, and use a virtual whiteboard, among many more. Brosix also goes to great lengths to assure users of their security with controlled user access, administrator controls, and various data security levels. Brosix allows patrons to communicate and affords them an exceptional level of security as they do so.

Best Features:
  • The product provides customization choices based on customers’ needs, offers international assistance in five different languages and can be deployed as a native app on both Android and iOS platforms.


It is free for up to 3 users. Also you can use a business plan for $4 or $5, and Premium — $6 or $8.

8. Troop Messenger

Round up the troops, give them their orders for the day and track their success with Troop Messenger. Whether you’re running a small business or a giant enterprise, Troop Messenger is well-built to provide all of your needs in group communication tools. Whatever device you’re using, whether it’s a mobile iOS or Android device or a Mac, Windows, or even a Linux computer, Troop Messenger is easily and readily available. What sets Troop Messenger apart? It has a functionality called Forkout, which allows users to send attachments to multiple recipients at one time. Burnout allows individuals to have private messages with each other, and these message threads expire after a predetermined amount of time. What else? Well, you’re going to have to sign up to find out.

Best Features:
  • You can easily make video calls with your contacts by clicking on a button. 

  • It also supports connections allowing you to have video conferences with people.

  • You can quickly hold face to face business meetings with a tap.


You can buy Premium plan — $2.5 per user per month, and Enterprise — $5 per user per month.

9. Beekeeper

Make sure operations in your hive are always running properly by taking advantage of team communication tools such as Beekeeper. Import all of your contacts and send out messages, updates, kudos, and other announcements with just one tap. Segment your recipients to make sure the right people will always receive the messages meant for them. Users don’t even need to be on their computers all the time. You can access Beekeeper on mobile devices as well. Beekeeper is not only for internal communications to keep the motivation and quality of work top-notch. You can also use Beekeeper in reaching out to and connecting with customers. Cut down on the resolution time and have better chances at improving the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Best Features:
  • It has a range of integrations for use. 

  • The platform offers a set of features. 

  • You can easily search within any documents you upload. 

  • The notification management system is highly efficient and effective. 

  • Additionally, the workspace is customizable to suit your needs and preferences.


You can use a 14 day free trial for all plans. Indie plan is priced at $7 per month, Professional — $11, and Team up to 10 users — $50 per month.

10. Slack

If you want a focused platform to use in your teams, another project team communication tool that you can avail of is Slack. You can create channels that group people together so they can receive targeted messages each and every time. Download the app so you can use Slack anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device you need to access it with. Users can also have voice and video calls over Slack, complete with screen sharing, file transferring, and recording capabilities. Slack is also available for integrations so you can make it into a more robust and holistic communications tool for your team.

2-03 (1).jpg

Best Features:
  • When it comes to implementing Slack in a company, it allows team members to easily determine if someone is available for their work or not. You may be wondering how this is actually achievable.


You can use it for free, for more advanced features $7.25 as a Pro plan and $12.50 per month for Business+.

11. BONUS!!!! Bitrix24

If you want a communication tool that truly makes an impact, not only for your team but your customers as well, the best option is Bitrix24. Bitrix24 offers ultra-HD video conferencing, crystal clear audio calling and reliable instant messaging. Upload and download files, record calls, and share screens with minimal effort using Bitrix24. What separates Bitrix24 from the rest of the fray is its dynamic CRM system. Manage leads and demands, convert more, store unlimited customer databases and roll out sales and marketing initiatives to very satisfying results. What’s more, with Bitrix24, you can plug in all of your social media and email accounts to synchronize all of your customer communications. Bitrix24 is also FREE for an unlimited number of users.

Best Features:
  • Functionalities introduced to Bitrix24 allow you to link multiple addresses to your account. This makes it much easier to manage accounts and users simultaneously.

  • Additionally, there is an expense tracking feature that helps you effectively manage and monitor the expenses incurred by your employees. This ensures cost management within your organization.


Bitrix24 is FREE for an unlimited number of users. Basic plan for 5 users — €49, Standard for 50 users — €99, Professional for 100 users — €199 and Enterprise — €399 per month for 250 users.

In closing

Communication is key, as the old adage goes, and choosing the communication tool for your team is crucial. It means the difference between success and failure so you need to choose the one that fits your needs and is most useful to everyone in your work group. A lot of these tools allow for free trials so you can try them out first and see how they feel for your company. Strengthen your ties with the people that you work with, along with the rest of your consumer community with the top communication tool. This list contains some of the best, top-of-the-line tools that you can get your hands on so if you’re looking for a communication tool to use in the workplace, look no further than those on this list.

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