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The 15 Best Employee Attendance Tracker Solutions

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Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
The 15 Best Employee Attendance Tracker Solutions

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Top 15 tools to track employee attendance:

Final Thoughts

Keeping track of all your employees is never an easy task — especially for large companies or remote teams. That’s why we’ve seen an upshot in employee attendance tracker solutions in recent years. Most are based around time tracking software, which is integrated with billing, payments, and performance analysis to streamline HR processes across the board. 

From the most basic isolated tools to state-of-the-art apps using AI and machine learning, there are a lot of options out there, and that’s what we’re going to take a look at in this article. Our aim is to give you a broad understanding of how each solution works and how they can meet your needs as an organization. So without further ado, here are our top 15 tools to track employee attendance. 

1. Bitrix24

An employee attendance tracker with workload and time management in one unbelievably user-friendly tool is exactly what small and growing businesses need. Bitrix24 is fully customizable, easy to automate, and super simple to use — even for the least tech-savvy. Using team calendars and absence charts, you can easily create exemptions for holidays, weekends, and paid time off, and offer flexible clock in and out times for breaks. 

As an all-in-one business platform, Bitrix24 seriously stands out. Offering far beyond simple time and attendance software, HR departments can reach their full potential with a full suite of apps that cover project management, communication, performance analytics, document storage, and much more. Put simply, for a similar cost to its competitors, you get a powerful attendance tracker that is part of a cloud-based headquarters for all your organization’s needs. 

2. Rippling

Rippling focuses on HR, IT, and finance solutions, allowing you to organize your current and future employees, manage your company devices, and sort out expenses and payments all from the cloud. The Rippling HR functions are wide reaching and feature employee attendance trackers, surveys, talent management, learning management and more. 

Like Bitrix24, you can automate your workflows to cut out the possibility for human error. This seriously helps with compliance in your HR, IT, and finance operations and takes the stress out of identifying where in the chain someone has slipped up. You can further sure up your efforts by restricting access so only chosen employees can view and edit specific sections of your workflows.

3. Nowsta

Nowsta’s main focus is on the strategic hiring, deployment, and payment of temporary, hourly, and gig workers. It gives a lot of responsibility to your employees, who can manage their schedules and organize their own finances from the app. 

Employers can also schedule their teams using AI and easily track employee attendance with real-time notifications. Put simply, you can avoid the headaches of trying to make people’s availability match up with what your business needs. Nowsta will automatically gather data and join the dots so you can focus on the more human side of your job.

4. Jibble

Jibble earns its place in this list as a forever free time tracker for unlimited users — and it’s far from a basic piece of tech. With your free version, you get some next-generation features for an employee attendance tracker such as GPS and facial recognition clock in technology. Yes, some employees might see GPS tracking as a bit Black Mirror-esque, but at the same time, it is great for ensuring the safety of your traveling staff. 

Sure, the forever free hook is appealing to businesses in precarious moments of their lifetime. However, Jibble is somewhat lacking when it comes to additional features. That said, if thoroughbred, tech-driven employee attendance tracking software is what you’re after, it’s a great bet. 

5. Combo

When it was founded, Combo took a look at all the inefficiencies and fiddly aspects of HR and decided to streamline them all at once. Designed for teams with no physical office, it has a range of features that help you track employee attendance without launching a military-grade surveillance operation. 

Its color-coded scheduling tool is ideal for those who are tired of forcing Excel to do something it wasn’t designed for. With just a few clicks of a button, you can fill your company’s timetable in a Gantt chart format that’s easy for you and your team to follow. You can then see who is at work, who isn’t, and who has arrived late — all from one easy-to-use dashboard. 

6. Personio

Covering the entire employee lifecycle, Personio has worked hard to find solutions to every problem your HR team could come across. From getting new recruits through the door to training your staff to achieve their potential, it provides a solid range of services for businesses of all sizes. 

As far as employee attendance tracking solutions go, it is among the best in terms of automation. You can customize each team member’s personal schedule to be compliant with the law and leave it up to them to record their own working hours. Line managers will confirm the reported times and leave you as the HR department to visualize all your employee working hours on one dashboard. 

7. Factorial

A general HR optimization tool, Factorial offers employee attendance tracker options but is by no means a specialist in the way that Jibble is. That said, you can create a range of holiday policies, oversee employee absences, and share team calendars so everybody knows who is available and who isn’t. 

Reports are nice and easy to download and you get a quick view of how many hours each of your employees has worked. This is all based on a time tracking software that each team member activates through a unique QR code on their phone. For organizations with multiple offices, the GPS feature allows managers to see both when and where their staff clock in.

8. Fluida

Like Combo, the founders of Fluida had lost patience with corporate bureaucracy and created the company to cut down the tedious work involved. Going one step further than Factorial’s QR code, Fluida takes advantage of NFC and Bluetooth technology to clock in and out. Once you’ve set up the Fluida Beacon in your office, your staff can clock in as long as they are inside the office.

Better for employees and your HR record keepers, nobody has to go to a specific physical area of the office and you cut down on forgetful excuses. Fluida has also considered those without a smartphone. They can carry an NFC badge on their person and all their attendance data will be saved in the same central database. 

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9. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch doesn’t have any fancy geolocation or facial recognition technology, but that’s not what you want if you’re managing a remote team. Ideal for working with providers on hourly rates, you can integrate Buddy Punch employee attendance trackers with your payroll function and get your payments done in a flash.

One drawback of Buddy Punch is that you have to make your payments through a different app, and any time you have a bunch of different accounts and integrations, things can get messy. Therefore, if you’re getting started, it’s probably best to go for a more far-reaching platform, but if you just need an employee attendance tracker to round off your business tools, Buddy Punch could be the one for you.

10. Synerion

Synerion’s contribution to the world of employee attendance trackers is vast, with far-reaching options and capabilities. This means you can run in-person, remote, and hybrid teams without a drop in productivity or an oversight in compliance. For those in the office, there’s no need for an app or a potentially germ-infested finger clock-in system. Synerion has jumped on the facial recognition bandwagon, so there’s no excuse for staff not using it. 

No matter the size of your company, Synerion has flexible packages and pricing options. That said, despite its obvious quality in its area, Synerion doesn’t offer too many features outside of employee attendance tracking software. 

11. Replicon

Compared to Synerion, Replicon offers a more complete package that covers project management, billing, payments, and compliance. 

Replicon’s trademarked ZeroTime is an umbrella of several employee attendance tracking solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for an even smoother experience. This means your teams don’t even have to set a timer going to record their attendance. Instead, integrations with your other business apps automatically collect time data and write up timesheets without you or your staff having to take time out of their day to do it. Instead, all they have to do is review, agree, and send it off to payroll. 

12. BambooHR

BambooHR is one of those platforms that covers all your HR needs, from onboarding and company culture to compensation and performance analytics. This means the employee attendance tracker combines with all other areas under the same system, so preparing reports and organizing payment is pretty easy. 

One of the automations BambooHR shares with many services on this list is automatic reminders to get those time trackers running. The platform is easy to use, both on desktop and mobile, and for remote teams, you can use the geolocation feature to check if your workers are where they say they are. 

13. QuickBooks

As you might expect from the name, QuickBooks speeds up your finances by integrating time tracking with accounts and payment systems all on one platform. It focuses on keeping your business compliant and transparent throughout the year, rather than running into a last-minute panic at the end of the financial year. 

Alongside time tracking software, QuickBooks takes payment rates and expenses into account so you can write up reliable invoices and expense lists at the click of a button. All your team needs to do is give their approval or communicate changes through the app.

14. TimeCamp

TimeCamp offers a whole host of features to help you take control of your numbers and figures. It combines an attendance tracker with billing and invoicing and project budgeting in one all-encompassing time saver. Not only can you time your tasks, but you can measure productivity at the same time. That makes it simple to get your payments going, but you can simultaneously set up appraisals. 

TimeCamp uses cutting-edge technology to enhance its employee attendance tracker software. Geofencing technology doesn’t just ensure that people are on site when they say they are, it also sends reminders to employees if they’ve forgotten to clock in. 

15. Rehappen

Rehappen was born in Sweden and offers training services focused on how to best handle employees. Uniquely in this list, it focuses most of its efforts on analysis of sick leave, giving managers all the info they need to know without encroaching on privacy and all while remaining compliant. 

The app gives the company a full analysis of medical costs and expected time off, and how that works with local laws. It is a simple system to use, with managers uploading an absence report onto the GDPR-safe portal, where it is encrypted. Rehappen allows admins to restrict access for further privacy.

After these 15 apps, you should have a clearer picture of what employee attendance tracker solutions can offer. 

While some of these platforms are intensely dedicated to the latest tech in time tracking, that doesn’t necessarily make them the best option for your business. There are of course costs to take into account, but for most small businesses, platforms with a wide variety of uses are the best bet.

Bitrix24 is a clear winner in this regard, with communication tools, project management software and even customer-facing features such as CRMs and sales analytics alongside your attendance trackers. 

If that sounds like what your business needs, sign up to Bitrix24 for free today.


How to implement employee attendance tracker solutions?

Companies can track the attendance of their employees in the following ways:
  • Desktop and smartphone time trackers
  • Fingerprint entry
  • NFC and Bluetooth options
  • GPS clock-in solutions
  • Facial recognition technology

How do employee attendance trackers improve team KPIs?

Attendance trackers can improve all departments by measuring efficiencies against time and investigating any evident roadblocks. Similarly, they can provide an element of structure and motivation to each individual’s work, which translates into increased productivity.

What features do the best employee attendance tracking apps have?

Top-quality attendance tracking apps feature:

  • Native integrations with other tools
  • Customizable break schedules
  • Time off requests
  • Absence charts
  • Workday reports
  • Clocking in and out software

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Table of Content
Table of Contents 1. Bitrix24 2. Rippling 3. Nowsta 4. Jibble 5. Combo 6. Personio 7. Factorial 8. Fluida 9. Buddy Punch 10. Synerion 11. Replicon 12. BambooHR 13. QuickBooks 14. TimeCamp 15. Rehappen FAQs How to implement employee attendance tracker solutions? How do employee attendance trackers improve team KPIs? What features do the best employee attendance tracking apps have?
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