Best Website Builder for 2022

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December 21, 2021
Last updated: March 11, 2024
Best Website Builder for 2022

Following the latest web design trends will help you to create a modern and professional website and be more successful in your business. In the digital age, website design means more communication and interaction with users and providing better services to them around the world. Predicting site design trends in 2022 is very useful for creating a website. A modern site design that follows the latest site design trends is very strong in providing better UX, attracting new users, and retaining current users. It is better to check the website design trends from time to time and update your website design.

Many businesses have opted for CRM software for their lucrative, customer-centric future. But if you are new to the business or working on a limited budget, you may be ready to pay for the software right away. Do not be a CRM. But there is no need to worry. Like many of life's best things, some CRM versions are free. The difference between these customer relationship management systems is in the quality of the facilities provided and their benefits. Therefore, they should be carefully examined and the most appropriate one selected. 

How to Choose The Best Program & Why It is Important?

Website design can be a daunting task, so start with the basics: web design. An intuitive framework for how pages should look and work, or even if you can make a useful outline or wireframe with pen and paper. But this is just the beginning, and without having the best 2022 site design software, you cannot do such a sensitive job well in this period.

The right software enables you to create attractive models and portable graphic assets for developers. The problem with deciding on the best web design software is that there are hundreds to choose from. Even if you only consider a fraction of the "industry standard" for this, still your options are not as few as they should be.

Commitment to a website builder program can be a huge investment, both in price and in the time it takes to learn. Choosing the wrong web design software can also be costly for anyone. But revealing the best choice for you requires investing in research:

  • Compare product specifications

  • Pricing programs and

  • Learning curves with reviews of the real designers who use them.

Website design strengthens your online presence. A good website design will record your brand name in the minds of users. A professional web design that follows the latest web design trends can increase your business conversion rate and revenue. Your site design should be tailored to your users and business needs and provide the best UX.

The Features & Trends of Website Design in 2022

There are millions of websites on the internet. Many users may be wondering how I can differentiate my site design from other competitors. Websites are one of the most important parts of any industry. Modern site design is effective in increasing the credibility of businesses. A professional and up-to-date website attracts the attention of users and has a very good initial impact on them. Some trends in site design are fixed. But predicting site design trends in 2022 will help you create a more beautiful, attractive, user-friendly, and functional website. Some of these features and trends are:

Dynamic content and interactive content

Content has always been important. Users visit websites for content. Dynamic content is content that is tailored to the needs of the user. To be able to produce content that fits the needs of users, you need to examine the behavior of users and their current position. Websites that have dynamic content have higher conversion rates and perform better in interacting with users.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search has become commonplace around the world. The trend of using voice assistants is expected to increase by 2022. As users interact more and more with voice assistants, many web designers are expected to make audio optimization a priority in 2022. Many people want to include long-tail keywords in their content that are based on what their users are saying and not on what they are typing.

Organization and structure

Designing websites that are organized and have a clean and well-structured look looks more professional. These websites are designed based on the audience and the target market. Creating a well-organized structure in site design helps users to find your site content more easily. A structured and organized site design works better in delivering a good UX. Also, such a website helps search engines to find and rank content.

Simple scrolling

Successful websites are easy to navigate. Users expect to get what they want quickly. Having an intuitive navigation menu helps users to search quickly. Websites that are easy to navigate attract more users. Because users on this site are not confused and everything is clear to them. This is especially important for large websites with large menus and submenus.

Site speed

Users do not like to wait for content to load. They want to access the content of a site very quickly and without delay. If a site is slow, it will lose many users. Optimizing site graphics, videos in site design helps to improve site speed. Site speed is more important on mobile phones. If a site is fast enough, it can outperform its competitors. You can use the appropriate tools in this field to measure the speed of the site.


Using chatbots in website design has become very common. These robots are designed to learn human conversations and provide conversational solutions. The use of chatbots is expected to replace human support in the coming years. Using chatbots can reduce companies' operating costs by 30%.

Site graphics

Website graphics are another topic that contributes a lot to modern and professional website design. By optimizing your site graphics, by optimizing images, or using a good combination of colors and fonts in your site design, you can attract more users to your website. With the right site layout and graphics, you can gain more credibility for your business and gain the trust of users. Optimize images on your site. Optimized images help improve site speed. Use quality and relevant images. Images are very effective in attracting the user. Images convey a lot of information to users. Users understand images better.

Also, the choice of font should be such that it does not bother the reader and should be well defined on your background color. The colors you choose to design your website should match the logo and other elements of your brand. Using blue in the design of the site is soothing. Darker and blacker colors are more beautiful. With colors, you can convey different emotions to users.

Popular CMSs & Their Features

Website builder software enables you to create web templates and designs in much less time. In olden times, hundreds of lines of difficult code had to be written to create even the most basic patterns. However, with the advanced website builders software now available on the market, anyone can quickly and easily create beautiful web designs. A review of CRM and website builder software has shown that many providers of these systems provide the user with a free initial platform. Then, if you continue to use the software and want to receive more professional features, the organization can buy the advanced version. Here, we have gathered some of the most popular and effective CMSs and website builders that can provide users with the best services.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM software would be a smart choice to see and keep track of business growth. This software is easy to use and the original version, which includes paid plans, is much more cost-effective than other CRMs. Features of this popular customer relationship management system include contact management, transactions, and work cycles, as well as automation, portal customization.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot customer relationship management software is a free system that covers everything you need to manage your customers and sales. Unlimited users and up to one million contacts can be added to this system, so there is no need to worry about restrictions. This CRM software is one of the easiest and most useful systems.


Those who use Capsule software are certainly impressed by the simplicity of working with the software in the first place. Because the main menu of this software has 6 simple buttons; Dashboard, individuals/organizations, tasks, sales path, items, and reports.


In this free CRM software, there are many possibilities, including the possibility of adding an unlimited number of contacts and transactions, placing product catalogs, online stores, social networks, and online chats. For small teams looking for powerful CRM software to connect with customers and each other, Bitrix24 is a great choice.

WordPress is free software that allows you to create any type of website with ease. More than 30% of the web uses WordPress. This statistic has made WordPress the most popular content management system and website builder platform in the world.

Bootstrap Studio

Bootstrap Studio is the WYSIWYG desktop editor for Bootstrap. A popular front-end and open source framework that includes a canvas area, a list of running components, and a window for displaying and writing code. This is an ideal website builder program for simultaneous design and development within the Bootstrap framework that allows you to test your site while working.

Constant Contact Builder

Provides powerful website builder and designer software with drag and drop capability. Even if you are an absolute beginner, it allows you to create a website from scratch. All you have to do is sync the website builder with your Facebook page. Within minutes, the creator will get your contact information, images, and text from Facebook and fill out a business website for you.

Gator Builder

Gator Builder is a web design and development software by HostGator. This website builder program contains dozens of web templates. Templates for working with third-party services are beautiful and quite dynamic. You can use Drag and Drop to add images, videos, Google Maps, and more with a few clicks.


SiteBuilder is a site design and website builder software that has hundreds of ready-made templates. This software allows you to create a website with ease. You can customize web templates or drag and drop your designs from scratch. This website builder application offers a free domain name and web hosting to help you get started.


Divi is a popular web builder software. Comes with a Drag and Drop feature, which lets you easily create custom web templates. Divi also offers hundreds of pre-made templates for restaurants, cafes, medicine, fitness, and more. This software gives you an advanced visual editor to customize your patterns with effects, shape splitters, deformations, and more.


Great website builders and designers ultimately go back to design principles. We must say that the specialty is the designer. But the best 2022 website builder software makes these principles easier to implement and provides usable graphics that you can translate into an active website. Website builder systems and designs strengthen the online presence of various jobs.

The website builder platform is one of the most reputable and trusted online presence channels. Website builder software and web design are a bridge between managers and users around the world. A modern and professional website builder and site design that is in line with the latest trends in the world will be more successful in attracting users. People who are looking for website builders and web designs by predicting site design trends in 2022 can have a modern site design and have a good initial impact on users.

Some of the predicted website builders and site designs trends in 2022 are using empty spaces, dark design, improved site speed, the production of dynamic content and interactive content, and so on. If you are looking for a professional and modern site design and website builder according to the site design trends in 2022, you can use the Bitrix24 website builder platforms with site design services. This platform provides the latest and high-level services in this regard. 

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