Project Expenses

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Project Expenses
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Project Expenses App helps project managers associate project Tasks with Project expenses and categories.

Project Expenses App is an essential tool that facilitates everyday project and expense management, by providing an easy way to connect the type of expenses and their respective cost with a specific project task. You can link a specific project together with expense categories by selecting “Add Project” and then add multiple expenses to this Project’s Tasks by selecting “Add Expense” for a specific task, cost and expense category.

Free trial 14 days.
ONE-TIME FEE is 56.45€

Note that the currency is automatically taken from the base currency set in the CRM when a project is created.

Version 6
Update Privacy policy and EULA web pages and the time waiting to fetch projects from Bitrix24.

Version 5
We updated 2 links to the payment forms

Version 4
1. Now you can Add Expense and choose type of costs between simple cost, cost per hour and/or cost per month
2. PDF export functionality is even better and has a nicer format
3. Edit functionality is more complete
4. New styles in the table

Version 3
1) If a project is already paired with a specific categorization in a company, another user that is adding the same project can only sel ect the same categorization.
2) When a project is created, it is also associated with the base currency from CRM

Version 2
Besides the basic functionality you already know, we made sure to provide the following new features:
1. Create and manage your own custom Expense Categorizations and Categories. Each company has its own specific Categorizations and Categories.
2. Manage Projects and their Expense Categorizations.
3. Export your data to CSV and/or PDF to use them anywhere.

Version 1
Resource Allocation App helps project managers associate project Tasks with Project expenses and categories.

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Just install and add at least one project using the "Add Project" button (on the top right corner) and you are ready to go.