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Calltrix - integration Bitrix24 and Asterisk (FreePBX). Everything is like everywhere, but there are differences :)

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You are using CRM Bitrix24.
You are using PBX or think about it.

Calltrix is a way to connect CRM and PBX.
Bitrix24 and FreePBX (free IP-PBX based on Asterisk)

What are you getting:

1. The call routed where you need to:

  • An incoming call from the
        client routed directly to the responsible user, who is
        assigned in the client’s card in CRM.
  • If the specified user cannot
        answer the call for any reason (busy, not answering, not available), then
        the call, following your settings, can go to the ring group, in queue, to
        the mobile phone, etc.

2. You'll see all the clients information even before the conversation begins:

  • At the beginning of the
        conversation, the user sees a pop-up card before picking up the phone. All
        customer information: calls, emails, messages, notes ...
  • The name and number of the
        caller is displayed on the phone. Regular phone set or softhpone.

3. Not one call will be lost:

  • If the incoming call is not
        answered, a Task will be created for the responsible user. Thus, the call
        will not be lost. The task has a deadline (for example, 3 hours) and an
  • For new clients, a Lead will be
        created and a responsible person will be assigned (a specific user or
        person who answered the call)

4. Call recording

  • All calls are recorded in CRM,
        even if your computer is turned off.
  • All conversations are recorded
        with the ability to listen to them later.

5. Call as you like

  • You can call the client by
        clicking on the phone number in the client card in CRM
  • You can call the client simply
        by dialing a number on the phone, in any format. A smart program will find
        a client in CRM.
  • In both cases, all information
        will be recorded in CRM.


1. It works fast !!

  The main difference between Calltrix and other similar solutions -Calltrix works fast. Why?

  • To process each call, PBX need
        to make several requests to CRM. This may take 1-5 seconds.
  • Calltrix duplicates some
        clients data from CRM to database of your PBX. The data is updated every
        time in the background and is kept up to date
  • When you receive a call, you do
        not lose a few seconds while the PBX is “negotiating” with CRM, and the
        client is listening to the beep. Instant data access!

2. Works even with unstable internet

  • Due to the fact that many of
        the necessary data from CRM is already stored directly in your PBX (see
        above), the client’s call will be correctly routed even if the lost
        connection to CRM
  • In case If the data is not
        found locally, and the Internet is absent, the call will not be lost, but
        will routed according to the rules you configured.
  • You still have both outgoing
        and incoming communication, even without the Internet.

3. Easy installation and setup

  • Installing and configuring is
        simple, it does not require special knowledge and programming skills.
  • Install the application for
  • Install the application for the
        PBX via the FreePBX graphical interface and make several settings
        according to the instructions.

4. And more

  • Сallback from website
  • Unlimited users


Try Calltrix 24 days for free
Then, the price is about 25 euro per month

see detailed description on the website

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