SimplesClique VOIP Phone System
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SimplesClique VOIP Phone System

Integrate your BITRIX with Simples Clique's telephony solution!

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Integrate your BITRIX with Simples Clique's telephony solution!
Our infrastructure is all built in a datacenter in Brazil, with maximum quality and lowest latency!

About BITRIX Integration:
  • We have 2 options to integrate with Bitrix:
    - By Bitrix Telephony Rest API and/or,
    - By Bitrix SIP CONNECTOR*
    *This method require a Bitrix License. More info on:

  • On RestAPI Method:

    Advantages compared with SIP Connector:
       - Dont need buy  SIP Connector
       - Low Latency, the call out PBX (Brazil) direct to user, this improves quality and stability
       - Advanced Management: Can you use PBX Features + PBX Advanced Reports + Calls Registred on Bitrix CRM and stardard Bitrix reports
       - Can you use any softphone or sip device
       - If Brazilian Backbone or Bitrix have an instability, the calls are completed with success
       - If you already using an SIP PBX and SIP Devices (phone, ata), dont have impact to users
       - The Integration works with Inbound, Outbound, CallBack, Lost and Answered Calls
       - The Record Call can be played directly from bitrix

    Disadvantages of Bitrix Telephony Rest API Method:
       - The API dont support Call Transcription
       - This is not a problem, but, you need use an SIP Device or softphone to answer or make the call
About our Plataform:
  • Don’t need buy PBX hardware
  • Dedicated Server with Fixed Internet IP
  • Hosted On Brazilian Datacenter – Amazon AWS São Paulo
  • Low Latency
  • Premium Support
  • Always updated with new features and bug corrections
  • Consulting Services to Analyse performance of agents
  • Ilimited calls to Brazilian phones
  • Some PBX Features:
    - Multiples Auto Attend(URA)
    - Voice Mail Integrated with e-Mail
    - FAX by  email
    - Call Record
    - Audio Conference
    - Realtime Calls Dashboard
    - Follow-me
    - Bitrix Integration
    - Call Flow based on time condition
    - Ilimited Extensions **
    - Ilimited Trunks/lines**
    - Intelligent Queues
       - Speak position
       - Multiples rules to balanced calls to agents
     - Multiple Location/Company
     - Multiple Music On Hold
     - Integration with most hardwares sip compatible as smart speaker, ip câmeras, door bell,
     - Advanced Reports
     - Webhooks
    ** Starter Plan with 100 Extension, 30 Lines, 2 phone number on different carrier to redundancy, 26k minutes of call recordings
About Price:
              Plataform: R$ 1010/month

                        Pack Record Calls (26000 minutes): R$ 20/month
                        Pack with 50 Extensions Additional: R$ 150/month
                        Brazilian Line Number: R$ 25/month
                        Custom Webhook: R$ 20/month (pack with 10000 requests)
                        0800 Number: R$ 125/month (minimum consumption)

Contact us!
+55 11 4858-2200  (phone + whatsapp) | 19 4042-1800 | 13 3500-7000
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