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Bitrix24 as a CRM solution compared to Freshdesk CRM

Freshdesk CRM claims to provide sales teams with the most advanced tools businesses need to grow regardless of their size. Although the platform boasts an impressive range of capabilities, it fails to deliver these features at an affordable rate.

To understand what Bitrix24 is capable of, users often opt for its free package, whereas Freshdesk CRM only offers a 3-week free trial. Aside from paid plans, Freshdesk CRM also includes many pricey add-ons. That said, we cannot refer to Freshdesk CRM as the most budget-friendly alternative, especially if we have to deal with those groups of entrepreneurs that have a limited number of resources to operate their business.

Bitrix24 is heavily equipped with a wide array of features tailored to meet the needs of various types of enterprises regardless of their size. It also creates a comfortable digital workspace aimed at fostering efficient performance, regardless of where employees are.

Freshdesk CRM overview

Freshdesk CRM is a product developed by Freshworks (formerly Freshdesk) with headquarters in India in 2016. Despite being a relatively young enterprise, it still manages to offer SMBs all that one expects from a platform of this kind. Powered by artificial intelligence, Freshdesk CRM boasts a diversity of capabilities that take sales performance to new heights.

Freshdesk CRM falls into three separate products:
  • Sales Cloud (manages prospective customers, contacts, etc.),
  • Marketing Cloud (provides insights into advertising campaigns),
  • Customer-for-Life Cloud (combines key features of both the Clouds).
  • Features



    Free Plan

    Free AI Assistant

    IM/Group Chat

    External Users



    Social Network


    Group Tasks


    Lead Management





    Time Management

    Email Server


    Server Edition

    Email Marketing 

    Mobile App

    Desktop App



    Freshdesk Pros

    • Integration with AI enables employees to stay connected with leads
    • Sales teams who consider focusing either on sales or on marketing can opt for an individual CRM cloud

    Freshdesk Cons

    • Expensive add-ons that significantly increase the total cost of their package
    • Limited CRM instruments in the basic plan
    • Lack of useful integrations with other applications

    Bitrix24 Advantages

    • 35+ business tools
    • Users can create product catalogs inside their CRM
    • Better document management
    • Price point and value
    • Free plan
    • Marketing tools
    • Contact Center

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