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Bitrix24 compared to Elead CRM

Unlike other service-providers aimed at catering to the demands of individual freelancers or large enterprises operating in unrelated industries, Elead CRM focuses on delivering services to a narrow group of customers.

Putting aside the question of its functionality, let's first determine whether Elead CRM is a budget-friendly solution. Unfortunately, there is no reliable data regarding the project's pricing policy, which is a major shortcoming compared to other more transparent alternatives, including Bitrix24.

Unlike Elead CRM, Bitrix24 does not force potential clients to contact their support team to receive product information, which inevitably leads to submitting personal data. On top of that, even if you are unsure whether Bitrix24 is worth investing in, you could stick with its free plan offering a number of valuable CRM tools before switching to a more advanced paid plan.

Founded in 1985, Elead CRM is created specifically for car dealerships of all sizes.

Elead CRM does a good job helping car dealers organize the whole sales life-cycle process from searching leads to closing deals in a smooth way. Core capabilities of Elead CRM that you can benefit from, include the following:
  • The platform allows users to route prospective customers through different channels and reach out to potential clients who are more likely to get interested in accepting the deal.
  • It can transform leads into reliable customers through personalized marketing campaigns.
  • It enables sales reps to send out e-brochures, photos, and quotes via the most frequently used communication channels.
  • Elead CRM focuses on one specific target group of customers. However, when it comes to delivering CRM features, Elead CRM falls short of Bitrix24 in a number of ways, namely the service's functionality and unclear pricing.

    To understand what users should expect from Elead CRM, please refer to the following table.




    Free Plan

    Free AI Assistant

    IM/Group Chat

    External Users



    Social Network


    Group Tasks


    Lead Management





    Time Management

    Email Server


    Server Edition

    Email Marketing 

    Mobile App

    Desktop App



    Elead Pros

    • Car Dealer CRM
    • Range of templates designed specifically for the automotive industry
    • Mobile app access

    Elead Cons

    • Prices are not publiclly provided
    • Fails to weed out weak leads
    • Email scheduling not allowed

    Bitrix24 Advantages

    • Rich variety of tools
    • Building long-lasting connections with customers made easy
    • Entirely transparent pricing policy
    • Free plan
    • Social CRM

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