Self-hosted Telephony and SIP Connectors

IP Telephony and SIP Connector services are provided
for Bitrix24 clients by VoxImplant, a Zingaya, Inc. company.
Bitrix24 Telephony Credits Price
10-Credit Pack $10 Buy
30-Credit Pack $30 Buy
50-Credit Pack $50 Buy
Bitrix24 SIP Connector Price
SIP Connector (1-Month Subscription) $49 Buy

Calling Rates

  • Destinations and rates for Bitrix24 outbound calls
  • Rates for incoming calls to 1-800 numbers
  • Prices indicate USD / 1 min including VAT. Exchange rate fees may apply if paid in local currencies.To make outbound calls or receive incoming calls for 1-800 numbers, you need to make a deposit to your account.

Rental Fees

  • $4.00-$11.00/mo

    Rent local number
  • $6.00/mo

    Rent toll free number
  • Number rental and SIP connector fees are deducted from your available telephony credits.
    Ex. If you purchase $30 worth of telephony credits and decide to rent a local phone number, $4-$11 will be deducted from your credits. The remaining $26-$19 can be spent on phone calls.

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