Technical Training

Recommended Topics

1. Installation, Architecture, Modules

a. Product installation, Bitrix Environment b. Basic definitions. Structure, objects, modules, components

4. Business Process Automation and Workflow

a. Workflow in Bitrix24 – Overview b. Workflow module statuses, email notifications, change log c. Business Processes in Bitrix24 – Overview d. Business Processes for CRM, Lists, Documents, Stand-alone BPs e. Business Process templates and the Visual Editor f. Business Process Import / Export

2. Integration

a. Standard integration tools and supported protocols b. Import / Export of data (CSV): CRM, InfoBlocks, etc. c. NTLM / SSO d. MS Outlook, iCal, MS Exchange e. Network Drive via WebDAV f. Mozilla FF extension g. Web RTC integration / Video calls h. Twitter / Social Network / Social Services i. RSS and external feed integration for the Activity Stream

3. Access Rights and Content Management

a. Content storage options b. Access rights and permissions settings in Bitrix24 c. Access settings for sections, pages, menus d. Access settings for InfoBlock elements and files e. Back-up / restore tools