I can’t log in

  1. First, make sure you haven’t used one of social networks icons for authorization. Sometimes it turns out that your social networks accounts may have same mailbox address – e.g. gmail (real@gmail.com). Please note that in Bitrix24 Network email address & social networks authorization are completely different types of authentication, even if same email address (real@gmail.com) is bound to your social network account. In other words, if you log in with social network icon – one Bitrix24 Network profile is created, if you then log in with your email address - another Bitrix24 Network profile will be created.
  2. If you have forgotten your password, we recommend to use the password recovery form.
  3. Please check if it can be just a typo or a wrong keyboard layout.
  4. If you still can’t log in, please contact us at info@bitrix24.com.

How do I restore the password?

  1. First, click forgot your password link.

  2. In the password recovery form you need to type in the email address you have used to log in to Bitrix24.

  3. If you’ve typed the email address correctly, you’ll get the following message:

  4. Now you should open Bitrix24 password recovery email in your inbox & click the link provided inside:

  5. You’ll see the new password creation form (make sure you type in the new password correctly twice).

'Error: No access to' your intranet & what does it mean

The reason you see this type of error is that the data (login/ password) that you use for authorization does not belong to this intranet. In other words, your Bitrix24 Network account is not bind to this intranet. The reason for this may be that you are using social networks icon log in option – see above.

Same error type may be observed in your Bitrix24 Network – when you don't see any intranet name under My Bitrix24 section:

How to solve this problem

You need to authorize to Bitrix24 Network with the correct log in data (with the log in bound to your intranet). Intranet's administrator can always help you to check your log in data. When admin clicks on the employee's 'edit profile' option - the correct log in data will be displayed in the upper line of the profile details.

Please note that there can be up to 3 profile page fields containing email addresses associated with the employee, but only the upper (see red mark on the screenshot) authentication data filed displays the correct log in information – it will show if the employee is using social networks type of authorization.

Email addresses in user’s profile

Contact email address is not employee’s log in, though it may be the same, but it can also differ - as any of the intranet’s admins & the employee him\herself can change it for the different from the registration one. When the authentication data can be changed only by the employee him\herself in Bitrix24 Network. Please note that contact email address is automatically filled with email address on which the invitation has been sent – this default setting may be confusing, please pay attention. Finally, the @bitrix24.com configured email address for inside Bitrix24 email integration – is not connected with authorization to Bitrix24 – please do not confuse.

How to change email address used as log in

Sometimes there is a necessity to use the email address at which the invitation was sent as the login (e.g. a corporate email address). But when there is already Bitrix24 Network profile (account) that is attached to this intranet’s employee, then it will be impossible to unplug it (change for another Network profile) from inside the intranet.

There are several solutions in this case. Suppose there is an employee who has been sent the invitation to the email address = real@example.com, but he has authorization from wrong@example.com currently.

The first option: dismiss the current employee and invite a new one:
  1. Open the profile of the employee with real@example.com email address
  2. in the profile change the contact email address - from real@example.com to the wrong@example.com
  3. Dismiss the user
  4. Invite the user with real@example.com email address

The second option: change email address used as login. Only one option is considered here - when Bitrix24 Network account with real@example.com login already exists, but not bound to any intranet yet.

  1. Log in to Bitrix24 Network under real@example.com
  2. Change the email address in the Bitrix24 Network profile page as it is shown in the screenshots below. You need to change it for an existing email address, as the email change confirmation email message should be received at the existing mail box.
  3. Log in to Bitrix24 Network under the second login - wrong@example.com
  4. Change the email address in the second Bitrix24 Network account - from wrong@example.com to real@example.com (as shown in the screenshots below).

How to delete the dismissed user?
I do not want the dismissed user to be shown in the employees list.

You can delete an employee only if he\she has been invited but hasn't authorized to your intranet yet (hasn't accepted the invitation yet) - in this case the employee is listed under the 'invited' section.

All other employees can be dismissed only, thus, the dismissed employees are not counted in your license. However, if you have some unaccepted invitations (there is an "Invited" tab in the section with Employees), you will need to delete those before sending new ones if the number of current users + unaccepted invitations = 12

Please note that the dismissed employees may have assigned tasks or associated CRM elements, involving other users - therefore, removing employees from the system completely can lead to a data loss & therefore is not performed. In order for the company to maintain its data the employees can be dismissed only (associated data remains accessible).

Cannot delete invited user - "Error! The user has not been deleted."

If you fail trying to delete the user who hasn't accepted the invitation yet – the reason may be he has been assigned the default 'Complete Profile' or other tasks. Go to the user's profile page and open 'Tasks' tab, click 'All' (see screenshot) - and delete all tasks listed. Please note that you need to delete tasks, not finish.

You should be able to delete the invited employee now.