Bitrix24 for HR

Human Resources

Employee Self Service in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 comes with a variety of employee self-service tools that not only drastically decrease HR department workload by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and automating routine HR procedures, they actually empower and engage employees by giving them more autonomy and control.

Full Control Over Own Profile

For example, in Bitrix24 employees are in charge of their own profiles, eliminating the need for your HR staff to upload photos or type in contact information for hundreds or thousands of employees or be bothered ongoing changes and updates to personal data.

Because Bitrix24 human resources information system is built as social intranet, it fosters direct interactions between employees, departments and teams.


Automation of Routine HR Processes

All HR documents and forms are available in a single location, preventing unnecessary trips to HR or accounting office. Because customizable request forms are integrated with workflow, unnecessary paperwork is eliminated as filing, requests, approvals and notifications can be handled electronically inside your intranet. *Available in self-hosted versions of Bitrix24.


Meeting Room Booking

Group calendars, e-learning, knowledge management, work reports, workgroups, interactive company structure, meeting room booking – these and other solutions that come with Bitrix24 HRIS provide your workers with easy access to all the tools necessary for successful collaboration with others, while significantly reducing workload in your HR personnel. *Available in self-hosted versions of Bitrix24.

Once you try Bitrix24 employee self-service solutions, there is no going back.