Multiple branches in Bitrix24

Manage your local offices, branches,
subsidiaries, or franchises from a single account


Create more profit

Transfer employees between branches

Unified BI-analytics for the whole branch network

One-click access to any branch from the main account

Flexible access permissions

Easy to monitor activity across branches

Unlimited branches

You can add as many branches as you need - every branch will have its own subscription plan and user limit. Employees can be invited from other branches or added as new users.


A network of independent branches

Every branch operates as a separate division and does not have access to what other branches do. The administrator of the main account has full control over the branch network and can manage access permissions for individual users.


Unified BI-analytics

No matter how far your branches are located from each other, all the data collected and added by employees in these branches is consolidated in a single BI account: sales figures, traffic reports, KPIs, and more.


Monitor activity across the whole network

From your main account, you can easily switch from one branch to another. Counters located next to every branch in the menu will indicate recent activity and updates.