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Freedom to grow without limits

Get the most out of Bitrix24 and scale your business with confidence.

Bitrix24 Bitrix24
  • A single platform to manage your sales, projects, and employees

  • Enterprise-grade performance and speed

  • Top-notch security and data protection

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A perfect fit for your company

Bitrix24 Enterprise is our flagship plan that
gives you the best we have to offer at a very affordable rate.

Maximum users

From 101 to 10,000 users

Maximum space

From 1 TB to 100 TB

Maximum speed

Dedicated server infrastructure

Maximum automation

Sales, tasks, workflows, business processes

Maximum security

Two-step authorization, AES-256 encryption, and SSO

Maximum productivity

Task reports, KPI, and employee hours tracking

Maximum sales enablement

Clients, sales, payments, customer service + more

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What else is included?

In short, EVERYTHING we have to offer. In addition to what’s already been mentioned above, Bitrix24 Enterprise features extra capabilities for more productive and efficient work.


Monthly uptime



Dynamic load balancing

Two geographically distributed data centers

Priority customer service

Multiple branches + centralized branch management

30 days

Backup storage period

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Why Bitrix24 Enterprise?

All your work in one place

Bitrix24 Enterprise easily replaces all of the SaaS solutions you might be using with a single, cloud-based service that has everything your business needs.


Business process automation

With Bitrix24 Enterprise, you can automate pretty much any routine process you have in any department – from sending automated messages and notifications to approving leave requests.


Flat pricing

We never charge per user – instead, you get a clear and predictable flat-fee model that’s limited only by the maximum number of users you can add to your account.

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Available wherever you are

Use Bitrix24 from your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Manage your work and stay in touch with your team wherever you are – at home, in the office, or on the go.

Bitrix24 Bitrix24

Privacy and data protection first

All the data you store, manage, and share within Bitrix24 Enterprise is encrypted using the AES-256 method to ensure the highest standards of security and protection.

Bitrix24 Enterprise data is hosted with AWS, which maintains the following certifications


SOC 1/2/3




Directive 95/46/EC


ISO 27001


PCI DSS Level 1


SLA guaranteed

Login history

Single Sign-On

Two-step authorization

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Worry-free implementation by Bitrix24 professionals

Let our partners handle the implementation for you and make the transition to Bitrix24 Enterprise as smooth and quick as possible. Submit the request form to find a Bitrix24 partner in your area.

Integrated with all
your favorite apps and services

Bitrix24 comes with dozens of integrations available, making it easier for you to transition to Bitrix24 and keep using with the tools you’ve grown to like.

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Reducing environmental
impact with Bitrix24 Enterprise

Switching to an online workspace like Bitrix24
has its benefits not only for your business and your team, but also for the environment.

Switch to remote work with Bitrix24 and save up to 60 kg of CO2 emissions per week

Switch to electronic document workflow in Bitrix24 and save 1 pine tree per year

Save up to 75 kWh per week thanks to the Bitrix24 workflow automation

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