What's New in Bitrix24: November

What's New in Bitrix24: November
Diana Hilsdon
November 2, 2020
अंतिम बार अपडेट: November 11, 2020

Dear Bitrix24 users,

Since our last release, we’ve been super busy working on new tools, features, and improvements. On October 23rd, we unveiled our new, updated version of Bitrix24.


If you missed the presentation, here’s a recording:

Bitrix24.Seoul is packed with the tools you need for remote sales, online marketing, and communications, including:

Live Shop and Online Store

Take your offline sales online with Bitrix24.Live Shop, a tiny little widget you put on your website. Stream live from your store, demonstrate your products and answer customers’ questions.

The new Online Store features a ‘personal assistant’ feature, for a more personalized approach that customers will love!

Automatic ad campaigns and detailed analytics

With the new Bitrix24, you don’t have to be a marketing guru to launch a successful ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram. Just go to CRM Marketing and configure your ads in a few simple steps.

And with improved ad analytics, you can analyze efficiency down to the campaign, ad group, ad, or even keyword.

Updated Tasks & Projects

Our new Task ‘autofocus’ system filters tasks automatically, saving you time and hassle. Projects have become easier to navigate, too. They’re all accessible from a single page and one click is all it takes for you to see how a project is moving along and view its files, tasks, updates, etc.

Bitrix24 Virtual Office – HD video conferencing and video calls

With the help of Zoom Video Conferences inside Bitrix24 messenger and CRM, you can set up meetings with external users, such as clients, as well as your colleagues. Call recordings will be saved to your Bitrix24.Drive.

Video call functionality has also been improved. Now, you can call your colleagues not only from chats, but also from tasks, calendar meetings or the news feed.

What’s more, video calls now have:

·      Cool backgrounds
Liven up your video calls and surprise your colleagues by adding a cool background.

·      Background blur
Keep your background plain and simple by adjusting the level of blur.

·      Enhanced screen sharing
In addition to classic screen sharing, you can now choose which application or window to share.

·      ‘Raise hand’ button
Got something to say during a videoconference? Just hit the “raise hand” button to get noticed by your colleagues.

·      Call recording
Attached to the chat, the call recording is always there if you need to return and make some notes.

Improved Bitrix24.Sites

You now have more control over standard blocks in the Sites editor.
Pick a block and change it any way you like: move its elements around, add new ones, or remove the ones you don’t need. Still not good enough? Just build your own custom superblock from scratch!

…all this and so much more in the new Bitrix24.Seoul!

Other Bitrix24 updates include:

Pin messages

You can now pin messages to the top of your news feed for quick access. Find out more in this article.

New calendar synchronization

Calendars have now become easier to sync. Find out more in this article.

Send event invitations to external users

Invite customers and partners to your meetings. Find out more here.

We hope you enjoy your new Bitrix24!

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