Phonet Virtual PBX - Integration

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Phonet Virtual PBX - Integration
Phonet is more than you expect from the telephony.

It is Virtual PBX service that combines a new generation program for business telephony
with analytics, reports, call logs and call records; ip-communication for computers and
mobile phones; digital services - a call to order button for sites (CallCatcher) and tracking of
online and traditional advertising effectiveness (Call-Tracking).

Installation of the telephony integration module and interconnection of your Phonet Virtual
PBX and Bitrix24 will also give you the opportunities.

Field incoming calls directly in the CRM

When a new or existing client is calling, client’s card from the CRM will appear on the screen. Incoming calls will automatically be sent to the responsible employee assigned to the contact in Bitrix24.

Call from the CRM

You can click a number to make a call (Click-to-Call).

Process calls in Bitrix24

Leads will be automatically generated for the calls, including missed calls, all calls, incoming and outgoing, will be recorded and automatically attached to the contact cards.

Carry on analytics (including advertising) and call accounting in the CRM

You will be able to create the platform for the end-to-end analytics since at each call from Phonet Call-Tracking and Callback Button - CallCatcher widget, the UTM parameters (utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_term), Google Client ID, Client IP Address, Referer, advertising number will be transferred to Bitrix24. Moreover, all calls will be transferred to the Call Log and employees performance statistics in Bitrix24.

Version 9
Phonet Virtual PBX and Bitrix24 will give you the opportunities:

  • Field incoming calls directly in the CRM
  • Call from the CRM
  • Process calls in Bitrix24
  • Carry on analytics (including advertising) and call accounting in the CRM

If you want to connect to Phonet services, please write us on our email:

If you are already our client and you have some questions concerning integration, please contact our Technical Support on email:

Technical Support working hours:

Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 19:00 (Kyiv); Sat - Sun: 9:00 - 18:00 (Kyiv)

To install a solution you need to:

Install application on your Bitrix24 portal. Enter your account within the Virtual PBX with administrator rights, go to "Settings" - "Integrations" - "Bitrix24 2.0", click "Add". After that, configure the connection according to the steps in the configuration wizard.