Leadinfo - Enrich your company profiles with Leadinfo's extensive company information to gain even better insight

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    Leadinfo B.V.
Leadinfo B.V.

Leadinfo B.V. helps you to start identifying your B2B website visitors and grow your sales funnel.
Generate more and better leads than your competition.

View your website visitors the same way you view your email. Our inbox layout gives you an extensive company profile about each and every visitor. No complicated statistics involved.

Effortlessly connect Leadinfo B.V. with the software that your organisation already uses. The company profile is automatically enriched with Leadinfo’s extensive company information to gain even better insight. By integrating with various chat applications, you can easily send a hot lead to a colleague, or measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with the Google Ads integration.

Why Connect Act! to Leadinfo

Before you set up the integration, let's dive deeper into what the benefits of connecting Bitrix24 to Leadinfo. First and foremost, with the integration you can:
  • Link website visitors to existing companies within Bitrix24
  • Send a website visitor of as a new company within Bitrix24
  • View the visited pages of said company within Bitrix24
  • Set up tasks for yourself or for colleagues within Bitrix24

This allows you to integrate the information from Leadinfo into your current sales flow.

How does it work

Connect Leadinfo B.V. to your Bitrix24 environment, by using the wizard in your Leadinfo portal.

After the connection has been established, you can start sending companies to your Bitrix24 environment.
Add new ones or link to existing companies in your Bitrix environment.

You can create deals directly from the Leadinfo portal and link them to your companies.
You can also create tasks, and link them to deals and companies.

Save time by configuring actions or content shown when specific users visit your website.
Automate processes and focus your energy on what really matters.


Your price at Leadinfo B.V. is based on the number of unique companies we recognise on your website per month.
Start your free trial to get a detailed offer.
You can find the price list on our website.
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