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Bitrix24 Analytics

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  • Updated: 02/13/2018
  • Published: 11/24/2017
  • Installations: 2208
  • Version: 2
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  • Enhanced analytics for Bitrix24 data.
    Control your business!
    Free connector for NeoNeuro Pivot Table software.
    Predefined reports
    • Sales (won Leads)
    • Leads
    • Deals
    • Activities (calls, meetings, e-mails, etc.)
    • Calls
    • Leads + Deals (end-to-end analytics)
    • Sales + Deals + Products
    • Calendars
    • Lists
    • Lead Statuses - analysis of the duration of the state of Leads in the section
    • Deal Statuses - analysis of the Deals of section
    Planned: business processes, staff, etc. Write us, if you need something new, maybe your request is already in development.
    • Count
    • Sum
    • Average
    • Share by count and sum
    • Trends for any periods
    • Custom ratios


    • By sources
    • By responsible
    • By utm-parameters (cross-cutting analytics)
    • By towns (regions / states, countries)
    • By any other parameters, including user created ones

    Diagrams in one click on hundreds of dependencies!

    • Lines, pie charts, bars

    • Automatic chart captions

    • Hints show additional information: amount, quantity and trends for them

    • Customize the chart in one click: Quantity, Amount, Average, Share by Amount and Amount

    • Automatic and manual selection of periods (day, week, month ..)

    How it works

    • Bitrix24 data is exported to SQLite database

    • The innovative interface "Full Pivot Table" show main indicators for all cells immediately after opening.

    • To find out details - just click on what's interesting, for example:

      • Click on the name of the manager to display a diagram for this manager

      • Clicking on the "Sources" column to show a chart by Source.

    • Select the necessary comparison periods from the drop-down list and the comparison chart will automatically appear, and the hint on the diagram will show the details by the days (weeks / months - everything is adjusted) - the amount, quantity and trends by amount and amount.

    • If there are many indicators in the parameter - for example, sales to 100 cities, the program will automatically select the most important ones (the Pareto principle - ABC analysis ideas), and the less important ones will be “fold” into the "Others" group.

    • Fold or unfold "Others" by drag-n-drop

    • Built-in tutorial allow to master the basic ideas of working in the program in 10 minutes. If something is not clear: write to us or read the help:)


    Conversion of leads into sales (successful transactions) - in percentage or in amount. You can study the dynamics of conversion changes.

    Thanks to the support of any parameters, including Sources and UTM, the program becomes a powerful tool of end-to-end analytics, which allows to understand which marketing channels (sources of leads) generate profit, and which of them are unprofitable.  You can recognize  which campaigns and keywords from  Google Adwords or Facebook bring you profit and which are stopped in certain lead stages.

    Free Support

    We offer free support for the implementation of the program. Communicate by e-mail, skype or personally - we help you set up convenient reports to display the necessary indicators that are required by the management of your organization. Just write us by e-mail: info at

  • Version 2
    New version allows to analyze more information resources

    Version 1
    Bitrix24 Analytics app: connector for NeoNeuro Pivot Table software.

    Automatic Pivot Table shows trends and charts, revealing the leaders and outsiders in all parameters such as region, product, etc. A single click gets it done!

    Use filters to get the answers to complicated questions such as, "How did milk sales change in New York for the last month with dependence on package type"? You won't have to worry about being overwhelmed by data, because NeoNeuro Pivot Table automatically identifies the most important values and puts the rest into the "Others" group.

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  • Application site: Pivot Table

    The application is available at this link: Download

    Instruction for connection to Bitrix24

    How to analyze the status, their duration and disruption stages ofDealsfor Bitrix24.

    How to analyze the status, their durationanddisruption of the stages of Leads for Bitrix24.

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