OUTLOOK & GMAIL for Bitrix24

OUTLOOK & GMAIL for Bitrix24

from UCD Micros
  • Published: 07/21/2016
  • Installations: 4005
  • Version: 1
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  • Application for integrating Microsoft Outlook (2007/10/13/16) and Gmail with Bitrix24.

    This application contains a specialized plugin that apears to the right side of the message text and allows you to work with CRM and Tasks modules in Bitrix24.

    Application features:
    • Creating and editing contact or company from recieved e-mail;
    • Creating tasks from your e-mail client, links for creating deals and activities in Bitrix24;
    • Preview list of tasks, deals and activities of existing contact;
    • And many other features
    At the moment, we are actively working to improve the module, we welcome any ideas related to the improvement of the functional and ready to complement the module in the fastest possible time.
  • Version 1
    Integration with contacts, companies, tasks of contact, deals of contact and activities of contact.

  • If you have any questions about installing and setting application, please email our technical support at dev@micros.uz

    Work time: 10:00 - 19:00 Moscow time.
    The reaction time in the appeal - 24 hours.
    Weekend days: Saturday and Sunday.
  • Dowload and install the plugin for Microsoft Outlook (2007/10/13/16) or Gmail: https://bx24mail.com/
    After installing application from marketplace you can use plugin for Microsoft Outlook (2007/10/13/16) or Gmail.

    Plugin download links for Outlook
    Windows 32bit: download
    Windows 64bit: download

    Extension download link for Gmail: download.
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