Simple Telegram bot

Simple Telegram bot

from ErDesign
  • Published: 04/23/2018
  • Installations: 673
  • Version: 1
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  • A simple telegram bot business card for your company's presentation. In the future, an extension of functionality is possible.

  • Version 1
    Version 1.0

  • Before you start development, the bot must be registered and get its unique id, which is simultaneously a token. For this purpose in Telegram there is a special bot - @BotFather.

    We write him /start and get a list of all his commands.
    The first and main - /newbot - send it to him and the bot asks us to come up with a name for our new bot. The only restriction for the name - it should have "bot" included at the end. If successful, BotFather returns the bot's token.

    After that, we enter this token into the application. Specify the pages and bot menu items.

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