Integration with messengers (Chat2Desk)

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Integration with messengers (Chat2Desk)
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The application provides connector to Bitrix24 for the following messengers:

  • WhatsApp

  • Viber

  • Instagram  

  • Facebook

  • Telegram      

  • Skype

  • Online Chat      

Communication with clients is held at and is automatically transferred to Bitrix24.

Dialog with the client is transferred to the client details in the form of a comment with a link to the chat and a text dialog at Chat2Desk.

The application supports two integration options:

Leads — leads will be automatically created for new customers if you are processing orders in leads.

Contact + Deal — Contact+Deal will be automatically created for new customers if you process orders in Deals.

The application works in any version of Bitrix24, from Cloud-based subscription plans to On-Premise editions. The settings are identical for both versions.

Automation — the application works with “business processes” feature!

(For more information about working with business processes, see the corresponding manuals).

It is possible to write to your clients first!

If you use the "Write first" feature, which allows you to contact a client who has not previously texted you via WhatsApp or Viber, we strongly recommend:

  • Send only those messages that the client expects and they are interesting to him/her.

  • Contact not more than 20 new customers per day.

  • Do not send the same texts, vary the text messages, making them more personalized.

Otherwise, your WhatsApp account may be blocked for spam by WhatsApp Inc.

This application is free of charge, but for its operation you need to connect messengers at in accordance with its tariffs, for which can charge the appropriate fee.

Version 4
New feature: assign tags to clients using Bitrix24 business processes.
Now, when configuring the Business Process, add a tag to the contact and it will be assigned to the client in the Chat2Desk infocard.

Version 3
Added the feature to write first in messengers from the CRM entity card

Version 2

Beta release

Version 1
First version of the intergration with Chat2Desk

FAQ — see here

Instruction manual — see here

To use the application, you should:

1. Contact Chat2Desk technical support via the widget with messengers in the corner of the screen at

2.  In accordance with the instructions of Chat2Desk tech support, choose the subscription plan and pay for it. If you need to write to the customer first, don't forget to report it to tech Chat2Desk support.

3. In Chat2Desk service go to Settings/API and get your API token.

4. Copy the token to the settings of this application.

5. In the application settings, select the type of integration (Leads or Contact+Deal).